The Non-Health Accommodation request form

The Non-Health Accommodation request form for Residences
(Queen’s email is preferable if you have not received it at the time of submission, please provide an alternate)
If you are applying for a long bed, please upload the copy of your licence or a letter from your doctor here:
Residence Admissions will confirm receipt of your request once it has been received. Please note that the Manager, Residence Admissions may need to contact you if further information is required. Your information is confidential and will only be viewed by the Manager, Residence Admissions. Please note that all requests will be considered on an case by case basis, based on reasonable accommodation practices for each individual’s needs.  Specific room type or building preferences are not guaranteed. Because individual assessments take time, please ensure your form is submitted by June 10th, 2019.  While we will consider late submissions, once our lotteries begin, approriate room availability to meet your needs may be limited.