Residence Accommodations

If you require specific accommodations – either medical or non-medical- as part of your residence application, you must fill out our Residence Medical Accommodation form. The deadline for applying for accommodations is June 10, 2019.
Residence Medical Accommodation form (Coming soon) should be filled out if your request for accommodation is based on a disability or medical condition. Please note that your doctor will be required to fill out part of this form.
The Non- Medical Accommodation request form (Coming soon) should be filled out if your accommodation request is based on a need for a long bed (must be 6’4” or taller), cultural/ religious needs, or requirements related to gender identity.
Please read the instructions on the form carefully before submitting.
  • These forms do not replace the Residence application. You must still apply and make your residence deposit by the deadline in order for your application and Residence Accommodation forms to be considered.
  • These forms are intended for Residence placement only. Should you require academic accommodation, please contact the Queen’s Student Accessibility office (QSAS) for assistance.
  • Residence Accommodation forms are intended to remove identified barriers for students with disabilities and medical conditions, and are not intended to address transition-related stress generally faced by all students transitioning to independent living.
  • Forms provided are kept strictly confidential and will be used for room allocation only unless a second party is required for further consultation.
  • Queen’s Residences is a high-density living environment. It may be difficult to control that environment in regards to a medical condition. We strongly encourage students who may have environmental health concerns to consider if accommodation in residence is safe and conducive to their lifestyle and medical condition.
  • Room changes based on medical needs after the application deadline will be considered however, we are typically full to capacity so have limited rooms to meet medical accommodations after the deadline.
  • We are committed to accommodating the requirements of students with disabilities to the best of our ability; however please note that you may not be placed in the residence of your preference.
  • Please contact the Residence Admissions office if you have a parent, guardian, or sibling with a disability such as mobility, vision or hearing impairment that would require accommodation when visiting your residence building.
  • We accommodate service animals – please read our Queen’s Residence Service Animal Guidelines
Special Considerations Form – Non-Medical
The Non- Medical Accommodation request form is used for the following accommodation requests:
  1. Long bed – long beds are limited and reserved for students taller than 6’4”. You must provide either a copy of your driver’s licence copy or a doctor’s letter to confirm your height.
  2. Cultural / religious – You may request specific accommodations based on cultural or religious factors – for example, you may request a single gender floor or building, or a single room. You must identify the specific requirements and why they are necessary in order for us to consider your request.
  3. Gender Identity – you may request specific accommodations based on gender identity factors – for example, you may be transitioning and have certain requirements. Please identify your specific requirements and why they are necessary when submitting your request.
You can fill out the Non- Medical Accommodation request form online (Coming Soon). You’ll receive an email confirming that your request has been received by Residence Admissions. Please note that the Manager, Residence Admissions may contact you should further information be required to make an assessment.