Sanction Downloads

Educational Sanctions


Residence Life is committed to developing safe and inclusive communities in which residents’ personal and academic success is our priority. By creating positive opportunities for connecting, promoting respectful behaviour, and encouraging responsible choices, we strive to support residents and cultivate a sense of belonging. Educational sanctions are designed to provide residents who have been found responsible for a violation of the ResRules with the opportunity reflect on their behaviour and the consequences of their actions. Educational sanctions are not academic assignments.


Alcohol Assignment (Alcohol 101)
Alcohol Assignment (eChug Survey and Personal Reflection)
Community Impact Assignment
Digital Footprint
Fire Safety Educational Sanction (False Alarms at Queen’s)
Fire Safety Educational Sanction (Know Fire)
Fire Safety Educational Sanction (Residence Fire Safety at Queen’s)
Fire Safety Educational Sanction (Seton Hall Fire)
Guests – Assertiveness or Bystander
Guests (Top 10 List)
Inappropriate or Illegal Entry (Student Community Relations)
Marijuana Assignment (Recreation Options)
Marijuana Educational Sanction (CAMH)
Marijuana Educational Sanction (The Downside of High)
Meeting Assignment – Dining Hall Manager
Meeting Assignment – Facilities Manager
Meeting Assignment – Residences Front Desk Supervisor
Meeting Assignment – Security Supervisor in Residence
Meeting With the Residence Life Coordinator for Behavioural Contract
Noise (Quiet Hours)
Noise (What If)
Noise – Survey
Research Paper (Responsible Hosting)
Understanding the Importance of Leaving a Situation (Bystander)
Understanding the Residence Student Conduct System
Workshop (Alcohol)
Workshop (What’s With Weed)