Room Self-Selection

Your room, your choice 

Queen’s University residence is excited to provide you the next level choice in residence accommodations. Select your building, your floor, then select your specific room. It is your room, and your choice at Queen’s. 

Self-Selection Timeline 

  • June 8, 2021, 4:00 p.m. EDT is the deadline for submitting your residence application and deposit. To be placed on the waitlist after this date, please contact
  • You will receive a notification the week of June 21 to let you know whether or not you have a space in residence.
  • Students who have been successfully selected for an LLC will be contacted via e-mail in late June. 
  • Your room selection date, time and instructions will be emailed the week of July 5, 2021.  Designated self-selection dates and times are determined based on a randomized lottery. 
  • The online room selection process will occur in mid to late July 2021.

Residence Room-Selection Guide Video

Living in Residence Webinar

Wondering about living in residence in the fall?
 Learn more about key deadlines and next steps including the room self-selection process.

Choose a residence building that fits your lifestyle 

The environment you choose to live in is just as important as where you choose to learn. Convenience, amenities, and location are all factors to consider when choosing a residence building to call home. We encourage you to compare our residence buildings to find the best fit for you. Set yourself up for success by choosing a room and building that works with your academics and preferences.   We recommend you have a few choices in mind before your self-selection date in case your first choice is no longer available. 

Love the convenience of onsite dining without going outside? Breakfast is only a few steps away in the morning if you live in Jean Royce, Ban Righ or Leonard Hall! 

Would you like to live close to a library? Queen’s has six libraries on campus.  Check out the campus map for library locations prior to your self-selection date.   

Not sure what building fits you best? Start your residence journey with a selection of 17 unique residence buildings to choose from.  Consider all your options by visiting our building page.  

Looking for a broader view? Visit the campus map and explore the whole campus!  

Self-Selection Guide 

If you are unable to select your room during your designated timeslot, your selection window stays open until the end of the self-selection process to ensure you are given the chance to self-select.   

Step 1: log-in through the Student Residence and Dining Portal 

Step 2: Enter your Queen’s NetID and password. 

Step 3: Click on the ” Residence Self Selection” icon  

Step 4: Follow the step-by-step instructions  

Select room type and campus 

Your choice of room type will be listed on the far left side of your screen. Examples include (single room, single plus, and double). If you prefer to see a table of available rooms, select “Display Table” in the top right-hand corner of the page. 

Note: If you have an approved accommodation, are approved for an LLC or preferred community or have indicated a double room as your preference on your application, you will only see room types and buildings that meet your accommodation or preference.

Step 1: Choose your room type preference from the dropdown list.  

Beside each community (West Campus, Main Campus or both) will be a number listing the total number of rooms available for you to choose on that campus.  Available bed spaces in each residence building will be shown. 

 Step 2:  Select which community you would like to live in by clicking on the campus you are interested in on the right-hand side of the screen.


Select your building 

Buildings highlighted in yellow are residence buildings that have your selected room type available. Buildings highlighted in red are residence buildings with no vacancy for your selected room type. 

Step 1: Review the map.  The building name will appear when you hold your cursor over it.  Click on the building of your choice. 

Select your floor 

Step 1: Click on the floor you would like to live on 

Floors with vacancy for your preferred room type, approved accommodation, LLC or preferred community will be highlighted in yellow.  Those highlighted in red do not have available beds for your preferred room type. 

Select your bed space 

This is the floor plan of the building/floor you have selected.  All beds available to you are indicated with a bed icon.  Rooms without beds are either a different room type than you have selected or do not match the gender you identified on your application. 

If you are choosing a double room, you will see 2 bed icons.  Green beds are available to you. If a bed is red, it has already been chosen by another student.  

If you are in a roommate group with a preferred roommate, whoever has the first self-selection time will choose the room. We encourage you to discuss your preferences in advance!  Your preferred roommate will be automatically assigned to the other bed space and won’t need to self-select. 
Step 1: Lock in your room choice by clicking on an available green bed icon.  

The room you’ve identified will be placed on hold for you for 10 minutes. The lock status countdown clock shows you how much time you have remaining to confirm and finalize your selection. 


Finish – clicking this will confirm your selection and will take you to a confirmation page that will identify your bed space, room type, cost of the room and, roommate (if applicable).  Finishing your selection will also generate a confirmation email to your Queen’s email account. 


Release lock – clicking this will release the room you have selected and will take you back to the building selection page. 


Cancel – clicking this will take you back to the main page to begin again. 


 To confirm your selection, click FINISH before the lock status time runs out. 


Self-Selection FAQs

Before I select my room, I’d like more information about my room (ie. what size is the bed, is there a fridge? Wi-fi? What amenities are in the building I’ve been assigned to)?

Please visit the “our buildings” tab on the Queen’s residence website.  It has specific details regarding the amenities for each building, descriptions and pictures of typical rooms and furnishings in that building, internet availability, bed sizes, etc.

I’ve selected a room but want to change it.

Once your room selection is complete, that is your assigned room.  You will have the opportunity to request a room change or switch with another student before move in.

The building I want is full, is there a way for me to know if a room opens up or can I get on a waitlist for that building?

Once your room selection is complete, that is your assigned room.  You will have the opportunity to request a room change or switch with another student before move in.

I’m not happy with the choices that were left for me to select. What can I do to get a better room?

Your choices were reflective of the rooms available based on your lottery number. There will be an opportunity to request a room change at a later date.

I have a health accommodation but didn’t submit the form and none of the rooms meet my needs. What can I do?

Please have your health care provider submit the Residence Health accommodation form (2021-2022) as soon as possible.  Residences will do their best to meet your accommodation needs when suitable rooms become available through cancellations and/or withdrawals

I have an approved health accommodation. How will I know there will be a room to self-select that meets my accommodation needs?

If you have an approved health accommodation, only rooms that meet your accommodation needs will be available for you to select from. If you have several different approved accommodations, Residences will work with you to ensure all needs are met.  This may mean that you are exempt from the self-selection process if your accommodation needs are very specific.

I am withdrawing from Queen’s. Am I able to give my room to another student I know?

Rooms becoming available through withdrawals and cancellations will be offered to students on our waitlist who do not otherwise have a room unless there are students prioritized to move for health accommodations

How can I tell which rooms have already been selected?

They will not show as available rooms when it is your turn to self-select. Only beds with a green bed icon are available.

I’m not able to make my assigned self-selection date/time. What do I do?

You will be able to self- select in all of the time slots following your designated time until the self-selection process is complete.  If you have not self-selected when self-selection process is complete, you will be randomly placed in one of the rooms that have not been chosen.

What if I don’t want to self-select? Will I end up with a terrible room?

If you have not self-selected when self-selection process is complete, you will be randomly placed in one of the rooms that have not been chosen.  It is impossible for us to predict what rooms will be left

I want to be on the same floor as my friend or I want my friend to be my can-mate, what can I do to make this happen?

This will only be possible if there are rooms left on that floor when which ever one of you has the later time slot to self-select

My preferred roommate has not received their offer of admission yet. Am I able to still select a double room and ensure another student doesn’t select the other space?

If your preferred roommate has not received an offer of admission by the date we allow preferred room-mates to self-select, we cannot guarantee placement together.

The only rooms available are on West campus. I do not want to be placed there, how can I avoid this?

Your choices were reflective of the rooms available based on your lottery number.  There will be an opportunity to request a room change at a later date.

I have been approved to be in a Living Learning Community. How will this affect self-selection?

You will be self-selecting from the room choices that are in the LLC you have been approved to be in.

How is the process for double rooms working?

We’re using application information to assess how much interest there is in double rooms. We expect that we may be in a position to meet the interest in double rooms, both for students with preferred roommates and for students who are happy to get an assigned roommate.  More details on the roommate assignment process will be posted to our website and communicated by email after the application closes.

I have selected that I do not want to live in a double room on the application. Does this mean I am guaranteed a single room?

No.  The rooms you can select will depend on what rooms remain available at the point when you are given access to make your room selection. The order of access is done through lottery.