What is the Student Conduct Committee?

The Student Conduct Committee (SCC) is a subcommittee of the Senate Residence Committee that reviews policies, procedures, rules and regulations of residence with a view of fine-tuning existing student conduct and adapting it to address new and novel issues. The SCC examines significant changes to residence judicial policy and make recommendations to the Senate Residence Committee on changes that should be made to the student conduct process.

What is the Student Member’s Role?

It is very important to the committee that residents’ voices are heard, because the SCC’s decisions can have a significant impact on current and future residents. The role of the student member is to represent the residence population in discussion and with the Student Member’s vote.

What are the expectations of the Student Member?

The Student Member must attend the monthly meetings of the SCC, represent residents’ concerns to the SCC, and actively participate in reviewing and fine-tuning the student conduct process.

What kind of time commitment is involved?

The SCC meets monthly, so the time commitment is usually only about one hour a month between from September to April.

Is this a volunteer or paid position?

Chairs and Member-at-Large positions are paid positions. This opportunity provides excellent experience, teaches new skills and looks very good on a resume.

What qualifications are needed to apply?

The Student Member of the SCC must be a registered full time or part time student at Queen’s who currently lives in residence. A successful candidate will have strong communication skills, be reliable, professional and show enthusiasm and dedication to his/her/hir/their role as part of the SCC.

How can I get more information or an application package?

Email the Residence Student Conduct Office at