What is a bond?
A bond is a financial sum that will be placed on your SOLUS student account as an incentive and obligation to refrain from violating further ResRules. If you are assigned a bond as a sanction, you do not have to pay anything to the university unless you are found responsible for another violation of ResRules.

How does a bond work?
If you are found responsible for subsequent violation of ResRules at any level, you will have to pay the bond assigned to you from your first incident in addition to any fines or other sanctions that could be involved with the subsequent incident.

Where does the money from financial sanctions go?

All money from bonds and fines are put towards the Residence Society’s First Year Experience Fund.

Why is “failure to remove oneself from a situation that is contrary to ResRules” an offense?
When you are in a situation where ResRules are being violated, it is your responsibility to either prevent the situation from progressing, or removing yourself from the situation. It is impossible to tell exactly who is doing something in a residence room in some cases (for instance, if a lot of people are yelling loudly behind a closed door during quiet hours, they could each individually claim that they were not yelling). You are implicitly condoning a situation by remaining involved in it.

What if I was only in the room for a short time? Why is that considered “failure to remove oneself?”
Again, it is difficult for staff to determine how long you have been present during a situation. A good rule of thumb is that if the door had time to close behind you, you had time to remove yourself from the situation.