Residence Conduct Board

As an integral part of the peer based Residence Student Conduct Process, the Residence Conduct Board (RCB) address appeals regarding findings of responsibility for Level One and Level Two violations of the ResRules. Membership of the board includes Chairs, Members at Large (MALs), Residence Society (ResSoc) representatives, and Residence Dons. The board meets several times per month and members are provided with a schedule of their commitments in advance.

At the initial stage, incidents are documented by a Residence Life staff member and this documentation is passed to a Residence Life Coordinator (RLC). If there is a possible violation of the ResRules that fall under the classification of a Level One or Level Two offence, the case is forwarded to a Residence Facilitator (RF). RFs are student staff members hired by ResSoc who work closely with Residence Life teams; they will investigate, determine whether a student is responsible for a violation, and in cases of responsibility assign appropriate sanctions. Decisions are then communicated to students via their email account. All correspondence will be deemed to have been received and read two days after delivery – the delivery date is defined by the date in the email message header.

If a student wishes to appeal the decision, they must submit an appeal form within 5 business days of the date in their decision letter. All appeals will be vetted by a full-time Residence Life staff member. Appeals are granted in cases of procedural error or the submission of new evidence that was not available during the time of the investigation.

When an appeal is granted, a hearing will be scheduled with the RCB. RCB will review all relevant documentation, including incident reports, investigation notes, and any additional information submitted by the respondent. The RCB will deliberate and are able to uphold or overturn the original finding and may also alter the sanctions as assigned. When an appeal has been granted, all sanction deadlines are suspended until the proceeding is closed. Appellants will receive notice of the RCB decision via their email account and are expected to abide by any new decisions and applicable deadlines.