Looking for something to do this summer? We are hiring!

Housing and Ancillary Services are looking to fill a diverse range of casual student positions. Join us to work on campus this summer. Apply today!

Residence Life & Services


Queen’s Enrichment Studies Unit


Academic Year Opportunities

Residence Don & Residence Program Assistant (RPA)

Apply to be a Residence Don or Residence Program Assistant (RPA), part of the Residence Life team!

Applications are closed.

Front Desk Staff

Front Desk staff are front line, customer service-oriented positions. 

Applications are closed.

Residence Conduct Board

If you are dynamic, enthusiastic, hard-working and want to make a difference to the residence community, consider a position on the Residence Conduct Board. Students on the board deliberate on matters concerning Community Standards, and make decisions regarding appeals of Level One and Level Two violations of Community Standards. The positions offer a range of personal and professional development opportunities, as well as a great way to add to your resume. For more information, contact resrules@queensu.ca. Applications will remain open until all positions are filled. Note: no positions currently available

  • Chairs of the Residence Conduct Board (RCB) are responsible for facilitating and ensuring that standard procedures are followed during the Residence Conduct Board hearings. Remuneration for this position is provided.
  • Members-at-Large of the Residence Conduct Board (RCB) are members of the Residence Conduct Board who help to uphold Community Standards and are decision makers at hearings. Remuneration for this position is provided.

H&A IT Service

Summer Student Technician

Event Services Staff

Queen’s Event Services hires students to work throughout the year to provide support for on-campus events and summer accommodations. Complete the application available at: https://eventservices.queensu.ca/about-us/employment/ 

Hospitality Staff

Queen’s Hospitality Services hires students to work throughout the year to support retail and dining locations on campus. Our flexible hours, variety of positions, and fun working environment make us a perfect fit for students. For more information:  


Enrichment Studies Unit

The Enrichment Studies Unit offers exciting opportunities for undergraduate students to share their love of Queen’s with Grade 7-12 students. Our overnight camps, which run in May and August, provide the perfect opportunity to spread your Queen’s Spirit!  To apply, visit: https://esu.queensu.ca/join-the-team/