Maintenance Requests

Have you got a wardrobe door that sticks? A window that won’t open? If something in your room or your common area is broken and in need of repair, you can submit a Maintenance Request Order (MRO) to our Facilities Control Centre (FCC) online.

Log into the Student Web to submit an MRO

Please note that submitting a Maintenance Request Order online constitutes permission to enter your room to make any repairs, without further notification.

Most routine work orders will be addressed within 2 – 3 business days – you can also check the status of your request online or by contacting the Facilities Control Centre.

More of an emergency?
Contact your front desk if:

  • You are locked out of your room or building
  • You need a light bulb right away
  • A clean-up involving human waste is required (e.g. vomit in your common room)
  • You notice a flood happening

You are accountable for what takes place in your room and you will be held accountable for any damages or loss occurring in your room. Treat your room and building with respect, and report any maintenance issues as soon as possible.

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