Lockouts and Lost Keys FAQ

Residence keys are secure. They cannot be copied at a hardware store like many keys. When a bedroom key is lost, we don’t just cut a new one. Instead, to maintain a safe living environment, the lock is replaced and new keys are cut. The cost to replace (parts, labour, etc) to replace one lock is over $150. There are fees associated with losing your keys, temporarily or otherwise.


The following non-refundable charges apply for replacement keys. The amounts shown are INCLUSIVE of fees ($10) paid by a student who elects to have a grace period in the event of a lost key or who requires access due to a lock out.

Brant & Smith
Replacement cost for key reported lost no later than March 31 Replacement cost for key(s) reported lost on/after March 31 or not returned at move-out
Building/Bedroom Electronic Key $10 $25
Mailbox key $10 $10
Leggett, Victoria, Watts
Building Electronic Key $10 $25
Elevator, Wing or Bedroom Traditional Key* $95 $175
Mailbox key $10 $10
All Other Residences
Building, House, or Bedroom Key $95 $175
Mailbox Key $10 $10

GRACE PERIOD we suggest that you write down your grace period end date here: _____________

The grace period option is intended for students who have misplaced their key(s), know where they are, and can get them back in short order OR for students who requested a lock out. In both cases, you must prove possession of all keys for the room to avoid further fees. The grace period only applies to traditional keys (i.e. not key cards/fobs). Failure to provide the required proof of all keys for your room (i.e. if you have a roommate, you must provide proof of 2 full sets of keys) at the same time at the ResFCC office before the grace period ends will result in a lock change and the balance of fees will be due. Fees must be paid (or authorized to be charged to your student account) prior to receiving keys.

Checking Out?

  • You must return all issued keys to the front desk on the day you move out (within 24 hours after your last exam).
  • You must return keys to the desk personally – do not leave keys in your room or give them to a Don or anyone else. There is a front desk open 24 hours/day.
  • You cannot mail back or return your keys after you check out. Any keys not returned at check-out will be considered lost and charges will be placed on your student account. You may not be able to access your grades if you have outstanding charges on your account.


The ResFCC Office is located in D wing on the ground floor of Victoria Hall. The hours for the ResFCC Office are 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).