Who’s Who

We’re incredibly proud of our student and professional residence staff – together, they help students form a strong community within residences while offering guidance, support and friendly smile.

Find out about Our Residence Life Team

Residence Life Coordinators

  • full-time, live-in professionals
  • manage student life in accordance with the goals and policies of the Residences
  • supervise the Dons and work closely with Residence Facilitators and the House Presidents
  • advise house councils
  • handle emergencies
  • fosters a sense of community within the residences


  • senior students or University staff who live in residence and work part-time
  • provide support to residence students
  • foster a supportive and educational environment
  • enforce ResRules
  • promote educational programming
  • mediate disputes
  • refer students to on-campus sources of academic, financial, medical or personal help
  • develop a positive residence community
  • a great source for information about Queen’s and Kingston

Wondering what a Don is? Wondering what a Don does? Watch and learn!

What’s a Don? from Queen’s Housing & Hospitality on Vimeo.

Residence Facilitators

  • upper-year students
  • work with Residence Life and the Residence Society
  • organize social activities
  • assist in establishing and maintaining ResRules
  • work closely with the Dons to create a positive residence community

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