Residence Councils

Queen’s has a rich and historic tradition of student governance. Student government in residence is responsible for representing residents’ concerns, providing a wide range of entertainment services, organizing events, developing new leaders and playing an important role in upholding our Residence Rules and Regulations.

The Residence Society (ResSoc) is governed by the The Residence Council. The Council is managed by elected Executive members who act as administrative heads of the Society, performing all management duties, enforcing the policies of the Society, and maintaining an extensive list of services. This executive manages 15 elected House Presidents and 28 hired Residence Facilitators.

The council has three main decision making bodies. Performing day to day administrative and management functions is the Executive Board, which is composed of the President/CEO, the two Vice Presidents (Residence Affairs and Judicial Affairs), two Officers (Finance and Human Resources) and the three Coordinators (Sustainability, Events and Marketing). Decisions on policy changes and discussion of current affairs affecting students in residence takes place at the General Assembly which is composed of the Executive, all 15 House Presidents and the Chair of the First Year Advisory Committee. Attendance at GA is open to all constituents.

Finally, at the more local level, each House has a House Council which is composed of the House President, the Residence Facilitators, the Floor Representatives and other Council Members (if applicable). This body discusses any issues that may affect the local constituents.