Front Desk Services

Victoria Hall Sign with lightResidence Desk Service Representatives are available 24 hours-a-day and provide:

  • access to security and emergency services
  • assistance with facilities and maintenance issues and questions
  • parcel and registered mail pick-ups for students
  • emergency access to rooms and lost or replacement keys
  • information about and access to new laundry cards
  • check-in and check-out for students
  • general information about the campus and the community

Want to send mail to your student? Visit our building pages to see how to address your student’s mail.

Our Desks:

Victoria Hall
(613-533-2531) -main desk for Victoria Hall, Graduate Residence, Harkness International Hall – open 24 hours a day

Leggett Hall Desk
(613-533-3183) -main desk for Adelaide Hall, Ban Righ Hall, Chown Hall, Morris Hall, Leggett Hall and David C. Smith House – open 24 hours a day

Jean Royce Hall Desk
(613-533-2551) -main desk for Jean Royce Hall – open 24 hours a day

Waldron Tower Desk
(613-533-6724) -main desk for Waldron Tower – open Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. – midnight

Watts Hall Desk
(613-533-3215) – main desk for Brant House, Brockington House, Gordon House, Leonard Hall, McNeill House & Watts Hall – open 24 hours a day.

Front Desk Supervisor: located at Waldron Tower front desk, contact directly at: 613-533-6000, ext. 77884.