Residence Life Staff

We’re incredibly proud of our student and professional residence staff – together, they help students form a strong community within residences while offering guidance, support and a friendly smile.

Wondering who’s who in residences and who you can talk to? This page will introduce you to the professional staff and student staff in your building who are just one call or email away. Residence Life is composed of the following areas:

If you have general questions/concerns about Residence Life or living in residence, you can connect with us by emailing

If you have questions regarding your residence room, accommodations, or fees, you can connect with us by emailing

Residence Life Coordinators

  • Residence Life Coordinators are full-time professional live-in staff.
  • They are responsible for establishing a vibrant residence community that provides feedback, mentoring, and support to residents through various interactions such as student conduct and behaviour management, educational programming, team development and student staff supervision, and crisis response.

RLCs are available from 2:00pm-10:00pm to answer questions regarding community or resident concerns.

Mujtaba Ahmed-Hassan


Victoria Hall (floors 1, 2, 3)

613-533-6000 + ext. 79295

Caleb Harwood


Adelaide Hall, Ban Righ Hall, Brant House, Graduate Residence

613-533-6000 + ext. 77860

Matthew Lim


Chown Hall, Smith House

613-533-6000 + ext. 78328

Michael Fernandes


Gordon Brockington
House, Watts Hall

613-533-6000 + ext. 75772

Matt Fouzie


Victoria Hall (floors 4, 5, 6)

613-533-6000 + ext. 79015

Emma Ferguson


Jean Royce Hall

613-533-6000 + ext. 77423

Sali Lafrenie


Leonard Hall, Morris Hall

613-533-6000 + ext. 78327

Nancy Truong


Leggett Hall, McNeill House

613-533-6000 + ext. 78325

Residence Don

  • Dons are hired and trained by Residence Life to support residents and create a safe and engaged community.
  • They are trained in peer counselling, conflict mediation, community development, leadership, and much more.
  • They are knowledgeable about campus resources and can refer residents to the best place to get additional support.
  • Dons on-call are available between 8 pm and 7 am daily.

Residence Conduct Team

  • The Residence Conduct Office provides training, support, and education to members of the residence community.
  • The Conduct team is responsible for ensuring the effective operation of the Residence Conduct process and provides advice to students regarding the Residence Community Standards.
  • Questions or concerns about the Residence Conduct process should be directed to the Manager of Residence Conduct or the Residence Conduct Coordinator at, by phone 613-533-2965 or visit the office in C110 Victoria Hall.

Steve Mothersell


Residence Conduct Coordinator

613-533-6000 + ext. 75966

Alison Meehan


Administrative Assistant, Conduct

613-533-6000 + ext.  32965

Residence Education Team

Olivia Winder


Academic Initiatives Coordinator

613-533-6000 + ext. 78329

Amy Okesola


An Clachan Community Coordinator


Kofi Sakyi


Residence Program Coordinator

613-533-6000 + ext. 74149

Embedded Counsellors

Mackenzie Green


Residence Outreach Counsellor

613-533-6000 + ext 78304

Pamela Hall


Residence Outreach Counsellor

613-533-6000 + ext 78330

Assistant Managers

Maura Frunza


Assistant Manager, Residence Life & Services

613-533-6000 + ext. 79588

Carley Webb


Assistant Manager, Front Desk Services

613-533-6000 + ext. 77884

Parmveer Mundi


Assistant Manager, Residence Life & Services

613-533-6000 + ext. 79548

Leadership Team

Kate Murray


Director, Residence Life and Services

613-533-6000 + ext. 36328

Geneviève Meloche


Manager, Residence Conduct

613-533-6000 + ext. 78102

Becky Shillington


Manager, Residence Life (Operations)

613-533-6000 + ext. 78675

Nathan Utioh


Manager, Residence Life (Education)

613-533-6000 + ext. 78326

Lindsay Stoness


Manager, Residence Admissions

613-533-6000 + ext. 77923

Residence Society (RESSOC)

  • ResSoc is the student government that works closely with Residence Life to enhance the living environment and general welfare of all residents.
  • The Residence Society also advocates on behalf of student interests.
  • If residents have concerns or suggestions, ResSoc would like to hear from all residents.
  • ResSoc is located at Victoria Hall, room 106C, phone 613-533-6216 or email