Residence Life Staff

We’re incredibly proud of our student and professional residence staff – together, they help students form a strong community within residences while offering guidance, support and a friendly smile.

Residence Life is composed of the following areas:

Leadership team

photo of Kate Murray

Kate Murray
Director, Residence Life
613-533-6000 + ext. 36328

photo of Becky Shillington

Becky Shillington
Manager, Residence Life (Operations)
613-533-6000 + ext. 78675

Geneviève Meloche
Manager, Residence Conduct
613-533-6000 + ext. 78102

Photo of Molly Raffan

Molly Raffan (on leave)
Manager, Residence Life (Education)
613-533-6000 + ext. 78326

Taylor MacPherson
Manager, Residence Life (Education)
613-533-6000 + ext. 78326

Residence Life Coordinators and Assistant Residence Life Coordinators

RLCs and ARLCs are available during business hours to answer questions regarding community or resident concerns.

Chi Chi Chikwavaire
Jean Royce Hall,
Harkness Hall
613-533-6000 + ext. 77423

Photo of Wesley Forget

Wesley Forget
Leonard Hall,
Brant House
613-533-6000 + ext.77860

Dudley Ellis
Leggett Hall, Watts Hall,
Grad Residence (JDUC)
613-533-6000 + ext. 78325

Photo of Melyssa Kerr

Melyssa Kerr
Chown Hall,
Waldron Tower
613-533-6000 + ext. 78328

Photo of Alex Jean Smykaluk

Alex Jean Smykaluk
Adelaide Hall, Ban Righ Hall,
Morris Hall, McNeill House
613-533-6000 + ext.78327

Photo of Nathan Utioh

Nathan Utioh
Gordon-Brockington House,
Smith House
613-533-6000 + ext. 75772

Allison Giesbrecht
Victoria Hall
613-533-6000 + ext. 78203

Nathan Zalfaquaruddin
Assistant Residence Life Coordinator
Victoria, Grad, Leggett, Watts
613-533-6000 + ext. 79295

Stock photo of staff member

Assistant Residence Life Coordinator
Waldron, Chown, Gord-Brock, Smith, Brant, Leonard
613-533-6000 + ext.79295

Miranda Hueston
Assistant Residence Life Coordinator
McNeill, Morris, Adelaide, Ban Righ, Jean Royce, Harkness
613-533-6000 + ext. 79015

Residence Conduct Team

Photo of Steve Mothersell

Steve Mothersell
Residence Conduct Coordinator
613-533-6000 + ext. 75966

Alison Meehan
Administrative Assistant, Conduct
613-533-6000 + ext.  32965

Residence Education Team

Photo of Olivia Winder

Olivia Winder
Academic Initiatives Coordinator
613-533-6000 + ext. 78329

Sarah Kennedy
Residence Program Coordinator
613-533-6000 + ext. 74149

Photo of Amy Case

Amy Case
An Clachan Community Coordinator
613-533-6000 + ext 32913

Residence Outreach Team

Jason Summers
Residence Counsellor
613-533-6000 + ext 78034

Photo of Nadia

Nadia Sawaya Fehr
Residence Counsellor
613-533-6000 + ext 78330