Residence Conduct Process

  • All incidents are documented by a Residence Life or University staff member.
  • This documentation is submitted to an Assistant Residence Life Coordinator for review.
  • Depending on the nature of the alleged violation and the number of points the resident has accrued, they will meet with either a Residence Facilitator, a Residence Life or Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, or the Residence Conduct Coordinator.
  • Residents will receive an email notifying them of the alleged incident as well as a time and place for the meeting.
  • This meeting is part of the investigation process and is an opportunity for the resident to share their experience. It is not mandatory, but residents are stronglyencouraged to attend.
  • If a resident does not attend, a decision will be made in their absence with the information available.
  • Residents will receive a decision letter via email. If they are found responsible, the letter will include information about educational sanctions (if applicable) and possible avenues for appeal.


*Level Three violations must be referred to the Non-Academic Misconduct Intake Office (NAMIO) for referral. Those incidents are either heard by a member of the Student Conduct Office or the Residence Conduct Office.

Visual representation of the residence conduct process