Level One or Two

  • Residents must complete and submit a Residence Community Standards appeal form within five (5) business days of the date on their decision letter.
  • Appeals will be vetted by Residence Life and granted if there is:
    • Significant procedural irregularity;
    • New information not previously available at the time of the investigation.
  • Dissatisfaction with a decision, failure to attend a scheduled meeting, not checking or reading email, and/or failure to abide by the terms outlined in a decision letter are not grounds for an appeal.
  • If granted, appeals will be heard by the Residence Conduct Board (RCB). All members of the Board are current students. Membership of the Board includes Chairs, Members at Large, a representative from the Residence Society (ResSoc), and a Residence Don. The Board will hear statements from all parties, review investigation information, and may uphold, overturn, or change the original decision.

Level Three & Progression of Points

Residents may appeal these decisions to the University Student Appeal Board (USAB) on grounds outlined by the Policy on Student Appeals, Rights and Discipline.