Residence Life Services

Residence Life & Services is committed to creating and supporting communities where equity, diversity, inclusion, and Indigeneity are embraced and celebrated. As a department we are strengthened and enriched by our diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and lived experiences.

 We acknowledge that identity is multi-dimensional and understand privilege as dynamic and situated. We as a department acknowledge that we have much work to do in this area. In Residence, we are actively working to eliminate discrimination, injustice, and violence; and engage our communities in dialogue and action.

 If these statements do not reflect your values, living in Residence may not be for you.

 Residents have the right to live peacefully and thrive in Residence regardless of their race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and mental or physical disability. Harassment, discrimination, intimidation – including, but not limited to actions that seek to target, exclude and/or shame a person based on a part of their identity is a violation of human rights and will not be tolerated in Residence.

 Residents are expected to live by these principles, and we will denounce and hold accountable anyone who does not.

Thinking about applying to be a Don next year? Click this link to learn more about upcoming information sessions and application details.

Residence Education

Queen’s Residence Life believes in providing an environment where students can feel a sense of belonging, have diverse opportunities to build resiliency and where they can access ongoing support toward achieving academic success.

Our hope is that students will feel safe, comfortable and supported in their home away from home. The Residence Dons who are upper years living on each floor, support students through their transition to university. Feelings of connectedness and belonging are individual to each student and Dons are there to help navigate all of the opportunities to be involved in residence and in the larger campus community.

Living in residence encourages active participation in the community – in residence, locally and globally. We encourage our residents to be respectful and civically engaged as they grow and personally develop as a member of the Queen’s residence community.

Living Learning Communities & Lifestyle-based Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are floors or clusters of rooms where students with similar interests and values live together and engage in creative, social, and educational programming related to the topic of their specific community

Residence Staff

We’re incredibly proud of our student and professional residence staff – together, they help students form a strong community within residences.

Residence Dons are upper-year students who live on each floor and support you through your transition to university. Dons are there to help you navigate all of the opportunities in residence and in the larger campus community. Our Dons are supported by professional residence staff who provide counselling, as well as guidance and support for residence programming, education and conduct

Our team provides a wide range of education and social programs for residence students, such as:

  • time management and study habit workshops
  • harm reduction programs
  • wellness activities such as yoga and pet therapy