Residence Accommodations

Health and Non-Health Accommodations

We are committed to supporting students who have accommodation needs, through our accommodation processes, and dietary support.

If your accommodation request is due to a disability or health condition, you must fill out a health accommodation form. The health accommodation form can be accessed on your Student Residence and Dining Portal. Once your health care provider has filled out your form you must upload it through the portal.

If your accommodation is non-health related, please fill out the non-health accommodation form on your Student Residence and Dining Portal. Some examples of non-health accommodation requests include:

  • Accommodation needs based on Culture or Religion
  • Gender Identity/Expression and/or Sexual Orientation requests
  • Long Bed Requests (taller than 195cm or 6’4)– medical note required

Please note that accommodation requests are due by the application deadline of June 8, 2022 at 4pm ET. Requests received after this date will be considered but room availability may be limited, and not all late accommodations will be met immediately.

Some specific and/or complex accommodations may require the Residence Admissions team to place students manually. If your approved accommodation requires manual placement, we will inform you.

Residence Accommodation Information

  • Queen’s Residences is a high-density living environment. It may be difficult to control that environment in regard to a health condition. We strongly encourage students who may have environmental health concerns to consider if accommodation in residence is safe and conducive to their lifestyle and health condition.
  • Room changes based on health needs after the application deadline will be considered however, we have limited rooms to meet health accommodations after self-selection has taken place.
  • We are committed to accommodating the requirements of students with disabilities; however, accommodations are based on need and not room type or building preference.
  • Please contact the Residence Admissions team if you have a parent, guardian, or sibling with a disability such as mobility, vision or hearing impairment that may require accommodation when visiting your residence building.

Dietary Needs

  • At Queen’s University, we take allergies and other dietary needs very seriously. If you are a student with a food related medical condition, allergy, intolerance, or dietary need related to religious or cultural observance, please ensure that you complete the Allergy and Dietary Needs Intake Form. This form will be accessible in the Student Residence and Dining Portal in mid-May 2022. Once the form is submitted, the Registered Dietitian  & Wellness and Sustainability Manager, Theresa Couto and/or Campus Executive Chef, Colin Johnson will contact you to schedule a meeting to discuss your specific requirements around the meal plan.
  • For more information about dietary accommodations, visit the Queen’s Hospitality Services website.