Ready for Exams?

A lot of people make fun of the fact that they procrastinate, but a healthy attitude toward establishing good study habits for exams and classes will go a long way in helping you succeed throughout your time at university. If you feel like you have difficulties with time management, procrastination, or motivation, think about whether or not you could use Student Academic Success Services in the coming month. If juggling your social life, studying, and being independent has made you anxious in the past, and you know from past experiences with exam periods that you can be highly critical of yourself in times of stress, try going through a copy of one of Student Wellness Services’ Self-Help Workbooks.

On top of that, Queen’s Got Your Back, a project of the Clinical Psychology Outreach Program runs from November 21st to 25th. Join them for workshops, lectures, and casual chats about mental health, well-being, and social support. Why not RSVP?