Introducing Raftr – Your New Digital Community Platform

Whether you are moving into residence or looking for a way to connect with the rest of the incoming class, Raftr is one of the key ways to stay connected. Built with a focus on community, events, and social integration, Raftr is the one-stop shop for virtual interactions at university.

Available on a variety of devices, you can connect to your Raft (group or community) at any time and share that epic moment from your gaming session, the teary moment from the movie you all watched, or make study plans all from the comfort your home.

So Why Join Raftr?

Every student will be auto-enrolled into Raftr so that they can join their Rafts and make connections but there are tons of reasons to join. Here are just a few:

  •  News & Events
    • Get the latest updates about things happening around campus or even within the Kingston community, all in one place. Trivia night? Special meals at the dining halls? Only one way to find out…
  • Communication
    • Whether it is a quick happy birthday shoutout or a group GIF battle, you can connect and message your friends and find others with similar interests as you.
  • Services
    • Need to connect with a campus resource but not sure where to begin? We have you covered with helpful links to resources, what they can commonly help with, and of course your Residence Don can also help guide you.  


How to Get Access


  1. Starting September 1st. Check your Queen’s email address for an email from Raftr confirming which Rafts you are a part of and click “Join”
  2. Login and confirm that you see the following Rafts
    • Student Experience Office
    • Residence Life
    • Your Building Group
      • Request to join your floor channel within your building group!
  3. Download the apps for ease of access while you are on the go

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If you have any challenges connecting or need additional assistance, please consult your Don and you can check the Raftr FAQ page found here.

Curious about the Student Experience Office and what they do? Check out their website to learn more about the office and their services.