Moving Out

Make Your Move

It’s hard to believe that we are already coming to the end of your time with us as a residence student! As a member of our residence community, all that stands between you and the official start of your summer is completing your move-out procedure!

In order to maintain a quiet and respectful study environment in our buildings, you are required to vacate your room no later than 24 hours after the beginning of your last exam. Should you have extenuating circumstances that require you to stay past that deadline, you may request approval by filling out the April Residence Extension Request Form, accessed through the Student Gateway.

You will receive an email with specific move-out information and move-out checklists will be posted on all floors and on the Residences Facebook & Instagram accounts.

Preparing to Make Your Move

Your time to move-out can really sneak up on you, so we encourage you to get ahead of it by preparing to move well ahead of time.

You will receive an email in late March outlining the date and time of your last exam and your individual scheduled move-out deadline. You can also determine this information on your own by identifying your last exam.

Don’t have final exams? You must move-out of Residence by 12pm (noon) on April 10, 2019.

Prior to your move-out deadline, you will be expected to do the following:

  • Book a room check on your move-out date ahead of time
  • Remove all belongings from your room (including garbage & recycling)
  • Any fridge provided by Residence must be emptied of all contents
  • All keys & room check receipt must be returned to your corresponding Front Desk

Please Remember 

Additional charges will apply for: 

  • any additional cleaning and/or removal of left items
  • failure to complete a room check
  • any keys not returned
  • failure to check out by your move out date


Move-Out Checklist

  • Identify and make note of your individual move-out date
  • Book a room check ahead of time
  • Consider which items you’re going to donate, take home or discard
  • Pack all items you’re taking home (remember to check under your bed & in drawers)
  • Take all garbage & recycling to your building’s garbage & recycling room
  • Remove all posters, tape and décor from walls, windows & ceilings
  • All furniture is returned to its original place & is in good repair
  • Vacuum carpet and/or sweep floor
  • Have room check done
  • Personally return keys to designated Front Desk


Residence Extension Request

You are required to leave residence 24 hours after the beginning of your last exam. Requests to remain in residence beyond your last day may be submitted for consideration. You can access the April Residence Extension Request Form through the Student Gateway. Requests will be considered individually and will be granted only to those who have extenuating circumstances (ie. academic related deadline, pre-booked travel). Supporting documentation (copy of travel itinerary, course syllabus, and/or letter from professor/faculty office) will be required for students requesting an extension for pre-booked travel or for academic circumstances.

Housing & Ancillary Services is not made aware of take home exams and therefore these have not been considered when determining your departure date. Students with take home exams will need to apply for an extension and provide a copy of their syllabus confirming the take home deadline to extend their stay.


The deadline for extension requests is April 5thRequests after this date will not be considered.


The Room Checkout Process

Having a room check is a mandatory component of your move-out process! A check of your room will be done by a Don, Residence Life professional staff member or Residence Facilities staff. You may request a room check by doing one of the following:

  • Prearranged time with your Don
  • Calling Don on-call directly
  • Calling/arriving at front desk

When the Residence or Facilities staff member arrives to check your room, they will:

  • Meet you at your room and fill out the room check form with you
  • Once the room has been checked, together, you will make sure the room door is locked
  • Both you and they will sign the room check form & you will be given a copy of the signed form

Once your room check is complete, you will take your keys and your copy of the room check form (the receipt) to your designated Front Desk to complete your move-out check out process.

Key Return & Desk Hours

To complete your Residence move-out, you must check out at your designated front desk by handing in your keys and laundry card.


  • You must return all issued keys to the main desk on the day you move out (within 24 hours after the beginning of your last exam).
  • You must return keys to the main desk personally – do not leave keys in your room or give them to a Don or anyone else. There is a desk open 24 hours/day.
  • You cannot mail back or return your keys after you check out. Any keys not returned at check-out will be considered lost and charges will be placed on your student account.

If you fail to return your keys at move out, you will be charged for your keys. Below are the rates for keys not returned at move out:

  • Brant and Smith: $25
  • Mailbox Key: $25
  • All other key sets: $175

Please make note of your designated front desk for check-out:

  • Victoria Hall Desk – Graduate Residence, Harkness Hall and Victoria Hall
  • Leggett Hall Desk – Adelaide Hall, Ban Righ Hall, Chown Hall, Leggett Hall, Morris Hall & Smith House
  • Watts Hall Desk – Brant House, God/Brock House, Leonard Hall, McNeill House and Watts Hall
  • Waldron Tower – Waldron Tower
  • Jean Royce Hall – Jean Royce Hall (Phase 1 & 2)

Desk Hours:

Front Desk hours of operation during the month of April will be updated by the end of March. Please check back!


Donating Items

Don’t want to take everything home with you? Please be a leader in sustainable move-out by donating to any of the following locations!

Clothing, Shoes, Bedding, Electronics & Small Appliances

  • Remember that donations should be items that other people could use. Please don’t donate garbage
  • Bags will be available in all common rooms by the 2nd week of April: simply fill your bag with clothing and shoe donations and drop it off at your residence’s specified drop-off location
Residence Bin Drop-Off Location Hours
Adelaide/ Ban Righ Laundry Room – Basement of Adelaide Rm 015 Anytime
Brant House Laundry Room 106 Anytime
Chown Hall Recycling Room G12 Anytime
Gord/Brock Brock side, Garbage/Recycle Room 118 Anytime
Grad Residence Pool Table Room 324 Anytime
Harkness Hall Ground Floor Foyer Anytime
Jean Royce Hall Phase I – Beside Common Room C115 Anytime
Jean Royce Hall Phase II – Garbage/Recycle Room Anytime
Leggett Hall Recycling Area, Room 1006 Anytime
Leonard Hall Recycling Room 122 Anytime
McNeill Large Common Room, Ground Floor Room 14 Anytime
Morris Hall Recycling Area, Room B13 Anytime
Smith House Laundry Room 131 Anytime
Victoria Hall Ground Floor Laundry Room B005 Anytime
Waldron Tower Vending Machine Room 1-127 Anytime
Watts Hall Fireplace Lounge, Ground Floor Anytime

Questions? Please contact the Facilities Control Centre @ 613-533-3155

Non-Perishable Food & Extra Dining Hall Meals

Non-perishable food items can be donated to:

Not going to use all of your Meal Plan meals? Please consider donating them to the Swipe It Forward Program

  • Swipe It Forward – Just let a cashier at a Dining Hall or Retail Outlet know that you want to Swipe it Forward.

Donating to the Kingston Community

If you’re looking for other places to donate items you don’t want to take home, please check out the link below for a comprehensive list of organizations within the Kingston community that could benefit from items you don’t have use for:


Off-campus storage

The following storage facilities are available in Kingston:

Please be advised that you must contact these companies directly to make storage arrangements.

Move-Out FAQs

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding move-out:
  1. What constitutes the 24 hour move-out window?
    Your 24 hour move-out window is individual and starts at the beginning of your last exam, not following the completion of your last exam.
  2. How do I submit an April Residence Extension Request?
    April Residence Extension Request Forms can be accessed through the student gateway. They will be granted only to those who have extenuating circumstances. Examples: academic deadline, significant pre-booked travel.
  3. When does Residence close for the year?
    April 28th at 12pm (noon).
  4. What if I am in Engineering Section 900 or have an academic deadline after April 28th at noon?
    Residence Life works with faculties to accommodate students who fall into either of these groups and will reach out directly to those individual students on a case by case basis.
  5. May I apply for an April Residence Extension to bridge the gap between when I need to move-out of Residence and when I move into my off-campus housing on May 1st?
    An off-campus lease start date of May 1st does not qualify as an extenuating circumstance. You must move out of Residence by the end of your 24 hour window and may not bridge the gap to the beginning of your off-campus lease date by staying in residence.
  6. Can I store my stuff in Residence over the summer or until my off-campus lease start date?
    Please see the above section “Off-Campus Storage” for storage options within the Kingston community. Please note that you are responsible for contacting any storage company on your own.
  7. Additional questions?
    Please feel free to contact Residence Life at or by phone at 613-533-6790