Moving Out

Update: April 6, 2020

Are you looking for more move-out information?

Housing & Ancillary Services is currently updating our April 2020 move-out plan and will have more information posted soon, including options for students who need to stay in residence after May 1st

If you have urgent questions about move-out, please contact

Jean Royce Hall

Keys must be dropped off at the Jean Royce Hall front desk, which is open 24hrs per day.  Social distancing protocol must be observed

Main Campus

If you are moving out Saturday, March 21st between 8:30am and 4:30pm

  1. Return your keys to the temporary key drop stations set up on Tindall Field
  2. There will be staff and signage to reinforce social distancing protocols

If you are moving out on Friday, March 20th, or after Saturday, March 21st at 4:30pm

  1. Return your keys to the Victoria Hall front desk
  2. Follow the staff and signage instructions regarding maintaining recommended social distance

Social Distancing Provisions

As you move out, we ask that you respect social distancing expectations, including the following guidelines:

  1. Maintain a space of 1-2 meters between yourself and others, including our facilities and desk staff
  2. Use the available hand sanitizer on Tindall Field
  3. Follow proper and frequent handwashing guidelines
  4. Limit the number of people that come to assist you to just one 
  5. Bring your own move out cart if you are able

Please note that there will not be food services available for the public over the weekend of March 21 & 22 and elevators will either have restricted access, or be shut down, in order to align with social distancing best practices.  If you require the use of an elevator for accessibility reasons, please contact the Victoria Hall front desk at 613-533-2531.    

Please know that we have been guided throughout our planning by expertise and advice from Public Health.  The above measures are in place to mitigate risk, while ensuring that we can complete the move-out process in a timely manner, for the safety of students who are unable to leave at this time and so that buildings can be readied for other uses, should Public Health dictate. 

For more residence specific COVID-19 frequently asked questions and answers please visit our residence COVID-19 page.

Move out annoucement: March 16

The University has released additional information confirming that there will be no in-person exams this semester.  Review the Principal’s statement here.

We request that all students who are able, move out of residence by Sunday, March 22nd by 12 noon, and complete the remainder of you program requirements remotely.

 In order to move out of residence:

  • Remove all belongings from your room
  • Take garbage and recycling to your building’s garbage room
  • Lock your door and ensure your windows are closed
  • Hand your Residence keys in at the Victoria Hall front desk or the Jean Royce Hall front desk (open 24 hrs)

Please visit our move out page for additional information regarding move out procedures and storage options.

If you complete your move-out by March 22nd, according to the above expectations, you will receive a fees refund, credited to your student account, in the amount of $1150.  In addition, $700 flex dollars will be added to your student card for use in campus food locations in the next academic year.  These amounts were determined on the basis of average room rates across all types and approximate values of the food portion of your room and board overall fees.  Note that students in loft doubles will receive a refund of $575 to your student account and $700 flex.  

You must fully move-out of residence, as per the above parameters, by March 22nd to be eligible for the refund.   

If you have left residence but still need to return to remove your belongings, and are unable to do so by March 22nd, please email to describe your circumstances.  If you need to leave belongings beyond March 22, you will not be eligible for the room portion of the refund, however you will still receive the $700 flex dollars, provided that your belongings are claimed by May 1st.  Unclaimed items left in rooms after May 1st will be considered abandoned, and will be disposed of.

Move-Out Checklist

  • Identify and make note of your individual move-out date
  • Consider which items you’re going to donate, take home or discard
  • Pack all items you’re taking home (remember to check under your bed & in drawers)
  • Take all garbage & recycling to your building’s garbage & recycling room
  • Remove all posters, tape and décor from walls, windows & ceilings
  • Ensure all furniture is returned to its original place & is in good repair
  • Vacuum carpet and/or sweep floor
  • Return keys to Victoria Hall Front Desk or Jean Royce Hall Front Desk (open 24hrs)

Remaining in Residence

We understand that some students are unable to leave residence at this time and we want you to know that you will continue to be welcome here and food will continue to be available.  If you need to remain in residence past March 22nd, you must register and receive confirmation to stay.  Please fill out the Residence Stayover Form on the Student Housing Gateway to indicate your need to stay; you will receive a confirmation email from the Residence Life Office indicating approval based on residence conduct history.  Please note that you may be required to relocate to a different residence space to accommodate operational needs and social distancing guidelines from Public Health.  Dining halls and front desks will remain operational, though hours of operation may change and will be communicated via the linked websites.

Off-campus storage

The following storage facilities are available in Kingston:

Please be advised that you must contact these companies directly to make storage arrangements.