Moving Out

Update: January 21, 2021

Looking for move-out information?

Housing & Ancillary Services is currently updating our April 2021 move-out plan and will have more information posted soon, including options for students who need to stay in residence after May 1st

If you would like information about withdrawing and moving-out of residence prior to the end of the academic year, please visit our FAQs.

If you have urgent questions about move-out, please contact

Move-Out Checklist

  • Consider which items you’re going to donate, take home or discard
  • Pack all items you’re taking home (remember to check under your bed & in drawers)
  • Take all garbage & recycling to your building’s garbage & recycling room
  • Remove all posters, tape and décor from walls, windows & ceilings
  • Ensure all furniture is returned to its original place & is in good repair
  • Vacuum carpet and/or sweep floor
  • Return keys to Victoria Hall Front Desk or Jean Royce Hall Front Desk (open 24hrs)