Upper Years in Residence

Thinking about living in residence next year? We offer upper-year rooms in Smith House, which features double beds with a shared washroom (with guaranteed washroom-mate), wireless internet, a refrigerator and a tv with cable in each room. Application information will be available in December.

Supporting Student Success

If you are a parent or guardian of first-year students, Queen’s is holding a series of talks in three major cities across Canada – Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto – to answer any questions you may have about supporting your student’s continued success while away at school. If you live in or near any of these cities and would like to attend, feel free to register.

If you have any questions, please email parents@queensu.ca!

Homecoming: October 14 – 16

Queen's students walking down sidewalk together

A polite reminder that there are no guests permitted during Homecoming. This is effective 12pm on Friday, October 14th. For more information, please see your ResRules Handbook.

DePurpling:  If you’re purple and you know it, we’ll need you to wash your hands (and self) before coming into Residences. We will be providing cleaning materials to safely remove the purple dye from your skin before you head back into residence.  The DePurpling Stations are setup to prevent residence property being stained by the dye, causing additional workloads for our staff.  If you are a student in residence we ask that you utilize one of the following DePurpling Stations between 12pm and 6:30pm on Saturday October 15th before heading inside:

  • Victoria Hall (back parking lot)
  • Leonard Field
  • Waldron Courtyard
  • Jean Royce Hall (outside of Healy & Laird)
  • Harkness
  • Morris

Help keep your home damage free.

Study Spaces

Looking for a place to study? Check out all of the places you can study outside of the Libraries.


Study Spots

Studies in October

When you have to juggle new relationships, a new living arrangement, and school (sometimes a job as well!) during your first year, it can be difficult to get a hold on your studies and feel as though exams are a long way off. That may be the case, but it’s always best to start studying early so you can comfortably work through your exams, and minimize your stress around the middle and the end of the semester. Plus, forming good habits early on in your university career will help you in the long run – you’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t for your studies in the future.

Here are a number of study spaces at Queen’s, as well as the link for booking rooms in our libraries, a breakdown of the seating at each library (so you can get an idea of how many seats there are for you to choose from) and learning how to prep yourself effectively for your exams. Good luck!