Upper Year Residence Applications Now Available

Thinking about where you’re going to live next year? Applications are now available  for upper-year students who want to live in Smith House, which features an 8-month contract, double beds with a shared washroom (with guaranteed washroom-mate), wireless internet, a refrigerator and a TV with a cable in each room. First, come, first served.

Upper Year Housing

The end of your academic year may be four months away, but time always flies faster than you think. January is a great time to think about second year housing

Community housing has its perks, and the life experience that you’ll get from finding a room to rent can be highly valuable for your future. But if you enjoyed living in Residence and like living within a short walking distance of your main campus classes, consider applying to live in David C. Smith House. The rooms are all-inclusive (included internet and cable) and come with access to Leonard and Ban Righ dining halls for 18 meals every week, not to mention a full kitchen.

When April comes around, finding a summer sublet won’t be your main concern – the room comes with an 8-month contract.

Think about your options! Spots in Smith House are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Apply sooner rather than later.