Morris Hall

Morris Hall is a traditional three-storey residence and home to nearly 200 students. It is close to Leonard Dining Hall and located across from Kingston’s new Breakwater Park along the shore of Lake Ontario.

History of Morris Hall

Completed in 1958, Morris Hall is named after the Hon. William Morris, a founder of Queen’s, first Chair of the Board of Trustees, and a member of the Legislative Council of Upper Canada.

Room Types Available:





Loft Double



Bathroom Type

Communal washrooms


Leonard Dining Hall and retail dining locations nearby.


Kingston waterfront, classrooms, and residence buildings.



Community Type

Mixed gender


200 residents

# of Dons


Flooring Type

Majority of rooms are carpet free.


Wired internet. Students are encouraged to purchase a router.


Stair access

Morris Hall on a sunny summer day.
Morris Hall Lounge


  • Leonard Dining Hall nearby.
  • Steps away from the Kingston Waterfront.
  • Common rooms, kitchenettes and vending machines in the building.

Included Items

  • Adjustable bed (Twin XL)
  • Desk and chair
  • Armoire or closet space and clothing drawers

Included Items

  • Curtains
  • Garbage and recycling bins
  • Laundry in building

Things to Pack

  • Bedding (Twin XL sheets)
  •  A small fridge (7cubic feet or smaller)
  • Wireless router and ethernet cable.

How to Find Morris Hall:

Mailing Address:

Morris Hall, Student room #
12 Lower Albert St.
Queen’s University
Kingston, ON K7L 3T8

Front Desk:

Leggett Hall
8:00 am – Midnight

What does the front desk provide?

Please Note:

  • This building has a freight elevator, but no passenger elevators.
  • Queen’s has 17 unique residence buildings built between 1925 – 2022. Each building varies in size, layout, and room furnishings. Design elements such as flooring type, window sizes and window coverings, and storage solutions change from room to room.
  • The photos and videos provided are a sample our room types. Please understand that your specific room may vary in size and appearance.
  • The fees listed above are subject to change. Any discrepancy between fee information listed above and in the Fee Schedule, the Fee Schedule will be deemed correct.
  • Beds require Twin-XL sized sheets. Please order linen packages 1A to 3B from Campus Linens.