Building Descriptions

Brant House for m the streetQueen’s has 17 residence buildings – and they are all unique. Our oldest building – Ban Righ Hall, was built in 1925 – and our newest buildings – Brant and Smith -were built in 2015. That means each building is different in size, furnishings and layout – and that your room may not look at all like your neighbour’s room.

We’ve provided some photos and videos to give you an idea of our room types, but please know that your specific room may not look like the examples. Rooms vary quite a bit in size and furnishings. Some rooms have carpets, while others do not. Window sizes, closets and other features change from room to room.

We update buildings through a planned maintenance schedule, so the photos and videos on this website may not show recent improvements right away. Please keep this in mind when viewing our building pages.

Learn more about each building below:

Adelaide Hall Jean Royce Hall Phase 2
Ban Righ Hall Leggett Hall
Brant House Leonard Hall
Chown Hall McNeill House
David C. Smith House Morris Hall
Gordon/Brockington House Victoria Hall
Graduate Residence (JDUC) Waldron Tower
Harkness Hall Watts Hall
Jean Royce Hall Phase 1

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