Orientation Week info

Please note that Residence is ‘substance-free’ during Orientation – no alcohol (even for students 19+) is allowed in Residence rooms or buildings. Illegal substances are strictly prohibited at all times. This page will help you find your week, so you register in the right place!

University Orientation comes first. That’s your first 2 days plus the following Sunday.

Faculty Orientation is next. After you’ve met the people you’ll be living with, it’s time to meet the people you’ll be studying with.

  • If you’re going into first year, the Orientation Week you register for depends on which academic program you are going in to. You’ll get information specific to your program, while meeting and having an amazing time with the people you’ll have classes with!
  • If you’re new to Queen’s, but not new to university, such as incoming exchange students, transfer students or students who lived in The Castle in first year, you need to register online for NEWTS Week.
  • If you’re going into Graduate or Professional Studies, please contact your respective student society for Orientation information.