Moving Out

*Information on this page is in the process of being updated. Please check back regularly for updates.

Please note, that in order to maintain a quiet study environment, you are required to vacate Residences no later than 24 hours after completing your last exam. If there is a reason that you need to stay longer, you must request approval to do so using our Stayover Application Form (look for the Stayover Request icon after signing in). Please note that all Residences close at noon on April 30, 2017 and you must vacate by that time.

Moving out of your room
Checking out and Desk hours
Changing your address
Off campus storage
Unwanted items
Accommodations In Kingston

Moving Out of Your Room

To avoid unnecessary changes to your student account, please ensure that you do the following before checking out of residence:

move furniture back to its original place and in a condition suitable for immediate occupancy

  • remove all garbage and recycling
  • vacuum
  • ensure that you have left all items you received upon move-in (bed/mattress, phone and cords, recycling bag, desk chair, wastebasket)
  • remove any tape from the walls
  • check all drawers for personal belongings
  • lock the door behind you when you leave

A Residence staff member will inspect your room after you have checked out and charges will be placed on your account if items are missing, the room is damaged or extra cleaning is required.

Checking out and Desk hours

To check out of Residence, sign out at your main desk and hand in your keys and laundry card. Please remove keys from key rings. The charge for lost keys is $125 (room & building key) + $10 (mail key).
The following buildings will check out at these main desks.

  • Victoria Hall Desk – Graduate Residence, Harkness Hall and Victoria Hall
  • Leggett Hall Desk – Adelaide Hall, Ban Righ Hall, Chown Hall, Leggett Hall, Morris Hall & Smith House
  • Watts Hall Desk – Brant House, Brockington House, Gordon House, Leonard Hall, McNeill House and Watts Hall
  • Waldron Tower – Waldron Tower
  • Jean Royce Hall – Jean Royce Hall (Phase 1 & 2)

Leggett Hall, Watts Hall and Jean Royce Hall front desks will be open 24 hours up to 12 pm on Sunday, April 30, 2017. In addition to its regular hours, Waldron Tower will be open 8 am to 12am (midnight) on Saturday, April 29, 2017 and 8 am to 12 pm (noon) on Sunday, April 30, 2017. Victoria Hall desk will be open 24/7 until Monday May 1st, 2017 at 4pm, at which time our 24/7 desk switches to Watts Hall.

Please note: When Waldron Tower desk is closed, you can drop your keys into the outgoing mail slot, by the mail boxes – unfortunately you cannot be provided with a receipt. If a receipt is required, you need to check out at the Victoria Hall desk.

Changing your address

Ensure that you change your address directly with credit card companies, banks and any magazine subscriptions that you may have. Inform friends and family not to send anything after April 1, as it may not arrive before you leave. Canada Post will not redirect mail for students living in residence. Anything that is received after you leave will be returned to sender.

Off campus storage

Please note that storage in Residence is limited (2-item maximum, 2′ x 2′). Only students who are returning to residence in the Fall may apply. Storage may not be in the building where you live, and the items will not be accessible again until after Labour Day. Contact your Front Desk or the Facilities Control Centre (ext.33155) between 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. to make arrangements to store your items.

The following storage facilities are available in Kingston:

Please be advised that you must contact these companies directly to make storage arrangements.

Unwanted items

Don’t want to take everything home with you? Help others and recycle!


Bags will be available in all lounges by the 2nd week of April – simply fill your bag with clothing and shoe donations and deposit it at your residence’s specified drop-off location:

Reisdence Drop off Location Hours
Adelaide/ Ban Righ  Laundry Room – Basement of Adelaide Rm 015  Anytime
Brant House Laundry Room 106 Anytime
Chown Hall Recycling Room G12 Anytime
Gord/Brock Brock side, Garbage/Recycle Room 118 Anytime
Grad Residence Pool Table Room 324 Anytime
Harkness Hall Ground Floor Foyer Anytime
Jean Royce Hall Phase I – Beside Common Room C115 Anytime
Jean Royce Hall Phase II – Garbage/Recycle Room Anytime
Leggett Hall Recycling Area, Room 1006 Anytime
Leonard Hall Recycling Room 122 Anytime
McNeill Large Common Room, Ground Floor Room 14 Anytime
Morris Hall Recycling Area, Room B13 Anytime
Smith House Laundry Room 131 Anytime
Victoria Hall Ground Floor Laundry Room B005 Anytime
Waldron Tower Vending Machine Room 1-127 Anytime
Watts Hall Fireplace Lounge, Ground Floor Anytime

If you have any questions please call the Facilities Control Centre @ 613-533-3155


Please keep using the recycling depot in your building until the end of term – any recyclable items or garbage that is left in the hallways of your floor/house will result in clean-up charges.


Extra dumpsters and toters will be placed in various locations the Monday before move-out weekend.  Please use appropriately.

If you have any questions please call the Facilities Control Centre at 533-3155.

Please Note:  Belongings left behind upon move-out may be retrieved until May 31st at which time they will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of by the university with no liability.

Accommodations In Kingston

If you require accommodations in Kingston, Visit Kingston has information about available accommodations throughout Kingston.