Moving In


Are you excited about your move-in day? So are we!

Queen’s Residence Life and Services is working hard with Public Health officials to ensure a safe move-in process for all students, staff, and supporters. Providing a safe and welcoming environment is one of our goals as we welcome you to residence.

Queen’s University Move-In Video

  1. Getting to Residence
  2. Selecting a Move-In Date and Time
  3. Packing List
  4. Before Coming to Residence – ResNet System Requirements
  5. Driving Directions
  6. Arriving by Taxi or Transit
  7. Meal Plans
  8. What’s Open on Move-In Days
  9. Move-In Webinar
  10. Mindful Move-In Information
  11. Have Questions?
  12. FAQs

Getting to Residence

Students who have accepted their residence space for fall will be receiving an email on August 4th with more information regarding choosing their move-in date and time. Please do not arrive on campus to move-in before your designated move-in date and time.

Each student will receiver their keys at Richardson Stadium. You must check in here first before proceeding to your residence building.

Each building will be assigned to a colour zone with a coded map so that you can easily navigate to your residence building. Follow the directions associated with your zone on the map we provide; do not use Google Maps or another GPS system as street closures and re-routes are not accounted for on these systems.

You will start your move-in by collecting your keys and other important items. Please follow the directional signage to the Key Pick-Up at Richardson Stadium. If you will be arriving by taxi or transit to residence, please email to make arrangements for key pickup.

When you arrive at your new residence building, you will be directed to park near your residence building. We ask that you move your belongings in as efficiently as possible. After you have moved all your belongings in, please proceed to the designated parking areas, where you can park for up to 3 hours.

Note: Early move-in is not available and overnight parking around residences is NOT permitted.

Where can my family stay? If you plan to arrive in Kingston before 8:00am on your move-in day or if your family is staying over, don’t forget to book accommodations. Accommodations are available on campus at the Donald Gordon Hotel and Conference Centre. Reserve a room here.

Selecting a Move-In Date and Time

Please log into the Residence and Dining Portal to fill out the Move-In Time Selection form and select your move in date and time from the options listed.  The number of spots left for a particular time slot refreshes every 30 seconds; when a time slot is filled, you will not be able to select it. 

Once you have chosen your date and time block, you must click the “Save Selection” button to complete and save your reservation.  You can change your selection at any time by returning to the form and selecting a new time from those available.    

Packing List

Here’s what to bring:

  • bedding and a favourite pillow*
  • ethernet cable and wireless router*
  • a small fridge* (7cubic feet or smaller)
  • mask
  • reusable water bottle – Queen’s is a water bottle free campus
  • reusable coffee thermos or mug – learn more about our on campus Huskee mug program
  • cloth or another type of safe, reusable mask
  • reusable shopping bags
  • ear plugs
  • bathrobe and container for soap, shampoo, etc. shower flip flops
  • laundry basket or bag
  • desk lamp
  • hangers
  • memory foam
  • alarm clock
  • storage boxes for your room
  • favourite books and decorations
  • sticky-tack adhesive for decorations
  • dishware and eating utensils
  • a small first aid kit, thermometer, hand sanitizer flashlight and batteries
  • winter clothing (scarves, hats, coats, etc.)
  • semi-formal wear

*All single plus rooms require queen sheets and all other rooms require twin XL sheets.
Before selecting your residence building and room, visit our buildings pages for specific details on bedsheet sizes, wired/wireless internet, and fridges.

Sample linen arrangement

Bed & Bath Linens

If you are interested in purchasing bed linens, pillows, bath packages, and other personal items to be delivered directly to your residence room, please contact Campus Linens at: For Leggett Hall, Watts Hall, Brant House, please order linen packages 4A or 4B. Packages 1A to 3B will work for all other residences. 

We Provide:

  • a bed (some buildings have singles, others have doubles)
  • a dresser and a mirror
  • a desk and chair
  • a bookshelf and bulletin board
  • a closet or wardrobe
  • internet access in each room
  • laundry facilities and a reloadable laundry card

Some buildings have wired internet access, while others have wireless.
Every building has a common room, microwave, kettle and toaster.

*All floors also have an iron, ironing board and a vacuum.

Please leave at home:

  • beer bottles and drinking games
  • alcohol and illegal drugs
  • hotplates, toaster ovens, microwaves, rice cookers, and small cooking appliances
  • candles, fireworks, or firecrackers
  • halogen lamps or sunlamps
  • large stereos
  • furniture – rooms come furnished, and you are not permitted to remove any furniture from your room
  • weapons of any type or size (martial arts weapons must be stored outside of residence)
  • pets – with the exception of approved service animals
  • single-use plastic water bottles

Leave at home: hotplates/appliances with heating elements and small cooking appliances (deep fryer, rice cooker, microwave ovens, immersion heater, bread makers, etc) if you do choose to bring a kettle or toaster, we ask that you use it only in the common room.

Please note that Queen’s is a smoke and vape-free campus.

Please note that Queen’s is a Bottled Water Free Campus

Before Coming to Residence – ResNet System Requirements

To be able to connect to Queen’s ResNet system, you must have:

  • A Windows or Mac-based personal computer with a currently supported operating system.
  • A 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet compatible network interface or one available USB port for an external network adapter.
  • If your computer is wireless only, then you will need to install your own wireless router on your ResNet Ethernet connection.

Ensure that you have an Ethernet cable! Whether you connect your computer to the ResNet wall jack directly or use a wireless router, you must ensure that you have an Ethernet cable to plug into the wall jack. Most wireless routers have an Ethernet cable in the package, otherwise, you will need to purchase one.

For more information about internet in residence please visit our internet services page.

Please read the New Student IT Guide before coming to residences.

Driving Directions to Queen’s University Residences

This section summarizes the driving & parking directions for Move-In Days via car from Wednesday, September 1 to Saturday, September 4.

  • All students arriving by car must check in at Richardson Stadium to receive their keys and any other necessary items.
    • When you arrive, please have your zone card clearly displayed on the dash of your car, photo-ID ready, and wear your mask whenever you interact with staff.
  • After receiving your keys follow the designated driving route for your building. When you arrive at your new residence building, you will be greeted by a member of staff.
  • We require that you and anyone who is helping you move-in wear masks whenever you enter the building.
  • After all your items are moved in, you will be guided to park in one of our designated lots. Please note that there is a three-hour parking limit so other students can move in.
  • Important: Please follow the below driving instructions – not online maps or GPS. There is construction in Kingston, and many streets around the campus will be re-routed for the Move-In days.

Please check back for our colour-coded maps of the driving routes, parking locations, and zone cards!

Arriving by Taxi or Transit

If you are arriving by taxi or public transit, please email to let us know how you are arriving when you are selecting your move-in time. We will provide you with specific information regarding key pickup.

Meal Plans

Queen’s University Hospitality Services provides students living in residence with an all-you-care-to-eat  meal plan that meets the needs of varying dietary needs. Upon acceptance of your residence offer, you will automatically be enrolled in the residence meal plan. The cost will be automatically included in your residence fees. 

Your meal plan includes: 

  • 19 meals per week – 19 all-you-care-to-eat meals per week in your choice of 3 different dining halls. 
  • 200 Trade-a-Meals (TAM) – TAM’s are a convenience feature built into the meal plan for students to use at participating retail locations, as an option to the dining halls. Look for the TAM symbol on our menus to identify these items and let the cashier know you would like to use your meal plan TAM for that meal! 
  • 145 Flex $ – You receive $145 of Flex $ on top of your dining hall meals when you start the semester. Flex $ works like cash. The additional funds are added to your student card. Use your Flex $ at participating retail locations on Fresh to Go items, drinks, baked goods, and more. You can also use your Flex $ on top of a TAM meal. Add something extra to your TAM meal in a retail location, like a tasty dessert or a fresh piece of fruit! You never have to worry about running out of Flex $. Funds can be added to your student card at any time! 
  • Extra Bonus! All residence students automatically opt into the ECO Container Program, helping to reduce single-use containers on campus. Learn more about the ECO Container Program and its participating locations here.  
  • Limited food locations will be open for those accompanying students as they move in. Food will be available in our dining halls for residence students only.  

Have a few questions concerning your meal plan? Consult our FAQs! If you still have questions, feel free to email

Do you have an allergy or dietary need? Visit the Hospitality Services website for information about dining safely with food allergies and other dietary needs. For questions over the summer, book an appointment with our Registered Dietitian here, or email or call 613-533-2953. 

What’s Open on Move-In Day?

Please visit the websites for the following locations for information about their hours of operation on Move-In Day:

Move-In Webinar: Wednesday, August 18 at 2pm

Queen’s Residence Life and Services staff will be hosting a webinar to outline the move-in process for this year. They will be talking about what to bring, what to leave at home, what to expect, and how we ensure everyone remains safe during our move-in period from September 1 to 4th.  

Please join us on Wednesday, August 18th at 2pm to learn more and ask any questions you may have!  

Mindful Move-In Information

View the mindful move-in website for tips on how to make this year’s move a greener one that will help save the environment and your pocketbook! Included on the website is information regarding sustainable items to bring, items to avoid, where to find used items in Kingston, and other helpful tips to consider.

Have questions? Email us!

Move-In FAQs

I have questions about the residence experience. Who can I talk to?

Please feel free to send us an email at or use the Live Chat feature on our website; we’d be happy to answer any questions!

I require additional assistance moving in.

If you need specific assistance moving in, please contact us in advance at Please label all of your belongings to make it easier for our volunteers to assist you.

I’m shopping for residence, what should I bring?

Our handy checklist and move-in video can help you figure out what to bring to residence, and what to leave at home. Bedrooms and furnishings vary from building to building, so review the building pages information when considering buying  bedsheets, fridges and wireless routers.

How soon will I know my move-in date so I can make travel plans?

Move in will take place over several days, from Sept 1 – through Sept 4. You will receive an email on August 4th where you will be able to self-select your move in day and time, within specific timeslots each day. Please note masks must be worn at all times during the move-in process. 

Will dining halls and retail outlets be open during move-in?

Residence students will have access to dining halls. We appreciate your understanding and support to help keep our campus safe. For more information, please visit

We encourage you to book an online appointment with our dietitian if you have specific allergies or dietary needs.  
More information about your meal plan and food options on campus is available here

Where do we park? How do I check-in?

Further information will be updated with regards to driving routes and check-in process in early August.

Are masks required during move-in?

Yes. Masks are required to be worn in residence at all times during the move-in process. We ask that everyone helping students move-in bring a mask and wear them throughout the entire move-in process, including while interacting with staff inside all residence buildings.

 I am bringing a bike with me. Where can I store it? 

Consider using our secure bike storage to keep your bike safe. There is also a bike sharing service in Kingston and on campus. Click here for more information.

 What if I cannot make my move-in date/time?

You will be able to self-select your move in date and time to fit your schedule.  If you cannot make it at your scheduled time, please email and we will work with you to arrange a move-in plan. 

Can I move into residence early?

We are unable to offer early move-in. 

What if I am sick? Can I still move in?

Do not move in if you are sick. Please contact to alert us that you are ill, and we will delay your arrival date.