Living-Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are floors or clusters of rooms where students with similar interests and values live together and engage in creative, social, and educational programming related to the topic of their specific community

  • Meet like-minded friends
  • Connect with a variety of Queen’s Faculty outside of the classroom
  • Share goals, projects, and challenges
  • Benefit from peer and professionally-led events created with students’ interests and development in mind

Core LLC Experiences

In each of our LLCs, there are four core experiences:

  • Learning Lunches: Shared lunches with faculty or staff members
  • Bi-Weekly Community Meetings: Led by LLC Don where current programs and events are discussed
  • Leadership Skill-Building Workshops: All members of the LLCs come together to improve leadership skills and network
  • LLC Legacy Project: A year-long project that each LLC will pass on to the incoming LLC students

Living-Learning Communities viewbook PDF

About Living Learning Communities

Active Living Floor

The Active Living LLC is designed for students who strive to live healthy, well-balanced lifestyles. Residents in this community will explore the various elements of holistic well-being and will engage in activities throughout the year that promote healthy personal development. This interest-based LLC is open to all majors and faculties. This community is ideal for residents looking to eat well, get fit, and have fun!

Bimaadiziwin Ka’nikonhriyo Indigenous & Allies Floor

This floor has an emphasis on intercultural understanding and leadership development, the Bimaadiziwin Ka’nikonhriyo LLC is an interest-based LLC that welcomes both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students who are interested in learning more about Indigenous peoples, traditions and culture as it impacts them as individuals and as community members.

Creative Arts Floor

The Creative Arts community is designed to unite and inspire first-year students from all disciplines who share a passion for the arts (fine art, music, drama, dance, theatre, and/or film). This LLC is ideal for residents who wish to explore innovation and creativity through hands-on experiential programming opportunities.

Eco-Friendly Floor

The Eco-Friendly LLC is designed to bring together first-year students who are passionate about environmental sustainability and who are interested in learning more about different strategies and initiatives that can minimize our impact on the earth. This LLC is open to all majors and faculties. The Eco-Friendly community is an opportunity to meet people who share your interests, meet faculty and staff who are actively working on sustainability initiatives on and off-campus and to challenge your own perspectives by getting involved in various workshops, programs and events.

Leadership Floor

The Leadership LLC is designed to challenge, support, and empower its residents to take initiative and leave a positive impact at Queen’s – and far beyond. This interest-based LLC is open to all majors and faculties. This community is ideal for residents looking for the opportunity to explore different leadership styles through workshops, reflection activities and involvement in other residence leadership activities.

Academic Faculty-Based Floors

Faculty-based LLC floors place students in the same faculty in nearby rooms, while still being part of a bigger floor with students from other programs. Your Don will offer unique educational opportunities relevant to your courses, faculty and career goals.

Computer Science Floor

Nursing Floor

Science Floor

Lifestyle-based Communities

We also offer two lifestyle-based communities that can be requested by students.  You must choose either of these communities as your first choice on your application to be considered for them.  There is no specific programming for these floors but rather students share a desire to live in these environments.  These 2 communities are the Study floor and Alcohol & Cannabis not preferred community.

Study Floor

Open to: all residence students from any faculty who agree to 22 hours of quiet on the floor. Our study floor, featuring 22 hours of quiet each day, is ideal for students looking for a quiet living atmosphere within residence. Residents and their guests both agree to abide by the principles of this floor by maintaining low noise levels.

Alcohol & Cannabis not preferred community

Open to: all residence students from any faculty for students who are willing to make an affirmative commitment to maintain a living environment free from alcohol, cannabis and other drugs.  Led by their Don, students in this community will be asked to take an active role in creating a community agreement that outlines community expectations, norms and desires.  You may be interested in this community if you:

  • have made a conscious choice not to engage in substance use (alcohol, cannabis or other drugs)
  • make this choice based on personal or family history with substance abuse, or addiction, personal or faith-based convictions or for any other reason.

In this community, students will find less peer pressure to use substances and more support in choosing not to consume.