Large-Scale Programming

Large-scale programs are developed by our Residence professional staff in collaboration with campus partners and student staff. Each large-scale program is built with the intention of reaching the entire student body living in our residences and focus on addressing our three pillars: a sense of belonging, academic success and to build resilience.

Due to COVID restrictions and in effort to maintain everyone’s safety, our large-scale efforts are facilitated virtually and can be accessed through our social media platforms and the Raftr app.

Some examples of Large-Scale Collaborative Programs include:

  • Consent Week
    • To raise awareness about the importance of consent, what consent means and how to connect with important campus resources
  • HOCO101
    • Harm-reduction and alternative programming leading up to Queen’s Homecoming that provides students with information about safe drinking habits, and campus & community resources
  • Pride Month
    • A series of collaborative events that strive to create opportunities for open and supportive dialogue around issues faced by LGBTQ communities and the value of allyship
  • Wellness Week
    • A series of collaborative events focused on supporting and educating students about the importance of maintaining their overall wellness
  • Black History Month
    • A series of collaborative events that strive to educate and celebrate Black history in the Canadian context
  • Academic Success Initiatives
    • A series of initiatives run throughout the academic year in partnership with Student Academic Success Services that promote healthy study habits, time management skill-building and access to academic supports in residence

For more information large-scale programming being offered in residence, please check out our Events Calendar.