Homecoming: October 14 – 16

A polite reminder that there are no guests permitted during Homecoming. This is effective 12pm on Friday, October 14th. For more information, please see your ResRules Handbook.

DePurpling:  If you’re purple and you know it, we’ll need you to wash your hands (and self) before coming into Residences. We will be providing cleaning materials to safely remove the purple dye from your skin before you head back into residence.  The DePurpling Stations are setup to prevent residence property being stained by the dye, causing additional workloads for our staff.  If you are a student in residence we ask that you utilize one of the following DePurpling Stations between 12pm and 6:30pm on Saturday October 15th before heading inside:

  • Victoria Hall (back parking lot)
  • Leonard Field
  • Waldron Courtyard
  • Jean Royce Hall (outside of Healy & Laird)
  • Harkness
  • Morris

Help keep your home damage free.