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For information about COVID-19 in Residence, please visit our COVID page.

Queen’s University works closely with Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington Public Health (KFL&A PH) on any COVID-19 cases confirmed in residence.  Any student required by public health to self-isolate is emailed detailed instructions and guidance, as our response protocols are implemented.  KFL&A PH will communicate with any high-risk contacts of students with confirmed cases, as determined by their contact-tracing activities.  Any student in residence who has symptoms or is directed by KFLAPH to isolate is required to immediately initiate the Residence Isolation Protocol and move to an isolation space on campus.

Further information is available on the Queen’s COVID-19 Information website, including a COVID-19 Case Tracker to inform community members of reported cases within the university community, whether on or off-campus.

We continue to provide updated information and resources to students in residence as the pandemic evolves. Please see the below archives of current COVID-19 related emails sent to all students in residence from Residence Life and Services.

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We recognize the important role of families and supporters in promoting student well-being and success at university. Here’s how you can stay informed!

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Residence FAQs

My student is sick, what should they do?

If your student develops symptoms, is directed by a health care professional to self-isolate, or otherwise suspects that they may have COVID-19, they should call the Victoria Hall Front Desk (613-533-2531).
The front desk will provide instructions on the need and steps to consult a healthcare professional (Student Wellness Services, Telehealth).  We have encouraged students to familiarize themselves with the residence isolation protocol.

What’s your plan for when students need to isolate?

We have developed an isolation protocol for suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19. Students initiate the process by calling the Victoria Hall front desk. Our staff then provide information and assistance on next steps, including temporarily moving to an isolation space in a separate building on campus, getting tested and avoiding all contact with others.

My student is required to self- isolate; I’d like more details about how this is done in residence.

Students in isolation are temporarily relocated to a separate isolation building on campus. During the process of relocating they are specifically asked to avoid contact with others. While in isolation, students are not permitted to leave their isolation space unless it is to seek medical attention or for testing.

Students complete a form outlining any dietary restrictions or allergies, and meals are delivered to their isolation space. Residence staff call them daily to check in.  Students are directed to leave garbage and recycling outside their room door and our Facilities staff pick it up twice daily. Students needing to do laundry can use Spinz laundry service at their own cost.

My student has been directed to isolate and wants to do so at home. What’s the protocol we should follow?

We can appreciate that you may want to provide additional supports when your student requires isolation.  Public health requires limiting all contact with others while in isolation.  We encourage you to review information on the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington Public Health (KFLAPH) website here and consider contact with their office prior to making a determination to have your student leave Kingston.  Private transportation would be required, with no stops on the way to your isolation location.  Note that isolation in a home environment would impact all other family members in the household. If you determine that your student will leave residence to isolate at home, your student will need to contact us to make arrangements through the Victoria Hall front desk (613-533-2531).  It is still required that test results be disclosed when available, in accordance with the Residence Isolation Protocol.

What are your cleaning protocols?

Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocol and procedures are in place. For full information on cleaning frequency and our protocols, please visit our residence cleaning protocols page.

What communications will be issued about students who are isolating or confirmed positive for COVID-19?

Students entering isolation are required to get tested. Residences and the University will issue communications about any confirmed positive case in residence.  Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington Public Health (KFLAPH) completes contact tracing on all positive cases.  They will contact anyone they identify as a high-risk contact of a positive case of COVID-19 and will advise that they self-isolate and get tested. 

All students should be continuously complying with all public health measures to help avoid contracting the virus, as well as monitoring their own health. They must take action to initiate isolation if they develop symptoms and reference the Residence isolation protocol for details. Safety in residence this year is everyone’s responsibility. 

We continue to work closely with KFLA Public Health in monitoring isolations in residence.  The KFLAPH has indicated that if the community moves to orange or red status, per their case Dashboard, other students may be required to self- isolate while awaiting test results of other symptomatic students.  If this occurs, Residences will contact all impacted students directly.

What measures are in place to ensure my student’s safety and wellbeing?

Safety in residence this year is everyone’s responsibility.  Please review the Residence Community Standards for details.  All students were required to review this document prior to accepting a space in residence this year.  Many measures are in place across residence buildings, including no guests, limited capacity in common spaces, physical distancing measures at desks and dining halls, enhanced cleaning measures and ubiquitous hand sanitizing units at entry, elevators and service points. 

The transition to university life and more independent living can be difficult under the best of circumstances.  We understand that some students may find that the measures necessary for safety are contributing to a greater sense of isolation. If so, we strongly encourage students to reach out to their don, residence staff or Student Wellness Services for support.

My student has indicated that the safety measures in place are not being followed. What should they do?

If possible, students should contact the Don on call and/or front desk while behaviour is observed.  They may also speak to their Residence Life Coordinator to express concerns.  Conduct processes, outlined in the Residence Community Standards, are being implemented for students who are found to not be adhering to safety measures.

My student feels that the residence policies are too restrictive. Can you loosen up?

Restrictions would only be loosened on the advice of Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington Public Health (KFLAPH).  As of September 18th, KFLAPH has expanded their order locally for face coverings in common areas of all multi-residential dwellings and the Province has further restricted limits on social gatherings.  We do not anticipate a lessening of restrictions at this time.

I want to speak to someone about my student’s experience in residence. How do I connect with staff?

Please connect with the Residence Life Coordinator for your student’s building. The RLCs help to create an environment that provides support to residents through overseeing educational and social programming, behaviour management and crisis response.

How many cases of COVID-19 are there at Queen’s?

For the most up to date reported COVID-19 cases numbers within the university’s population, please visit the Queen’s Coronavirus COVID-19 case tracking webpage. Please note these cases are representative of the entire university community, not exclusively the student population in residence.