Exchange Students

Updated April 5, 2021

Update for 2021-22

Our commitment is to ensure that we are able to provide residence spaces for as many incoming, undergraduate first-year students as we can, depending on the public health context in 2021.

At this time, we do not expect to be able to offer spaces to exchange students for the 2021/2022 academic year and therefore we are not opening an exchange student application process.

If you are interested in exchange residence for 2021-22, please contact us at and we will note your interest, and follow up with you in the summer of 2021, should circumstances related to the pandemic change.

We strongly encourage you to make a plan for off-campus housing for 2021-22.

 Please review the links listed below for additional information and resources.

Before you agree to a contract get advice on leases and the Kingston student rental market

Online listings of available rentals;

Coop housing for students

Groups where you might find other students to live with

Protect yourself from fraud by learning common rental scams