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Poster Policy

I.        Who can post/ advertise in Residence?

All Queen’s University departments, recognized student groups and organizations are permitted to advertise events, meetings, etc. in residence provided they have the permission of the Queen’s Residence Life Department. Permission is granted based on the submitter’s ability to follow proper procedure and guidelines. Failure to follow procedure or guidelines could result in the revocation of posting privileges. Outside companies or groups are NOT allowed to advertise in residence unless approved by a request to Event Services.

II.        Approval Procedure

The first step for poster approval is to first fill out the appropriate form at After completion of this form please allow 2-3 business days to approve your poster. After your poster has been approved you will be emailed next steps in terms of having your posters put up.

  1. Public Boards: There will be public boards clearly marked in the main areas of Victoria, Jean Royce and Leggett Hall. Posters put up on these boards do not require approval BUT must follow ALL Residence Poster Guidelines. The Residence Life Department holds the right to remove any posters that they feel breaks the guidelines in any way.

III.        Guidelines

As stated in the Residence Life department’s philosophy and goals, Queen’s Residence Life department holds a responsibility of the safety and security of everyone located within its residence communities. To ensure this responsibility is being upheld the following guidelines must be followed by groups wishing to advertise within the residence community:

  1. All materials must be free of violent, obscene, pornographic, vulgar, sexist, racist, homophobic, heterosexist or otherwise inappropriate content.
  2. All materials must be free of content that promotes a culture of drinking or drug use. This includes, but is not limited to; the use of 19+ events, alcohol use, drug use, bars or clubs for advertising purposes.
  3. Posters advertising commercial, for-profit events or organizations not affiliated with Queen’s University, the Alma Mater Society of Queens University, or the Society of Graduate and Professional Students, and subsidiary entities are strictly prohibited.
  4. All materials must be printed on recyclable paper.
  5. Posters submitted by any organization for any given event cannot exceed 11 inches by 17 inches (28cm x 43cm) in size.
  6. All materials must be placed on appropriate bulletin boards where available. No material shall be placed on boards designated for special use. Posting on any residence walls is forbidden
  7. In accordance with fire regulations, no material may be placed on any doors, including residents’ doors, inside and outside elevators and on glass surfaces or doors (including mirrors). Additionally, posters may not be taped to the ground outside of residence. Moving, removing or posting over Queen’s University Residences or Res Soc material is expressly prohibited.
  8. Any form of door to door advertising or solicitation must be approved by a request to event services.

IV.         Removal

All advertisements will be removed after the expiration date on the poster or up to two weeks (14 days) by appointment by the Residence Life Department. Exceptions will be considered if clearly stated on the initial approval form. All non-approved posters on private boards or spaces will be removed.

V.          Locations

Public boards are located in Victoria, Jean Royce and Leggett Hall. These main bulletins are clearly marked as public boards. Any other bulletin boards without this distinction are NOT to be posted on. If you wish to have posters placed in any other main bulletin boards you must have your poster approved by Residence Life.

VI.        Loss of Privileges

Organizations that fail to follow the procedure and guidelines and /or cause damage to residence property, as a result of unauthorized postings; unauthorized removal or defacement may lose the privilege of advertising their events in residence and will be billed if necessary.

VII.        Don Newsletter

University affiliated groups who are interested in advertising events through our email distribution to staff may do so, by submitting your request to Once collected and approved the list serve will be distributed. The department holds the right to edit content or not advertise any content they feel does not represent residence policy.


If you have any questions or concerns, please forward them to our Residence Program Coordinator at