Submit a Residence Deposit


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NOTE: E-mail money transfers or credit card payment are NOT accepted 

Internet or Telephone Banking

It can take up to 7 business days for your payment to reach Queen’s University – make your payment well in advance to avoid missing the deadline and losing your guarantee of residence.

You can use internet or telephone banking at most major banks and trust companies. If your own bank account is not set up for internet banking/telephone banking, your deposit can be paid from someone else’s account (perhaps a parent or guardian). We honour the date that payment is submitted online; please note that it may take several days to reach our office. For more information, contact your bank branch.

Bank of Montreal –
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce –
PC Financial –
Royal Bank –
Scotia Bank –
TD Canada Trust –

  • Go to the bill payment section and add Queen’s University as a new payee — this should return a list of all the payee selections for the University
  • Select Queen’s University and type in your Queen’s 8 -digit student number as the account number
  • Enter the amount of the deposit as $525.00 CDN and confirm you wish to make the payment
  • Please use Queen’s University as your payee (also listed as Queen’s University- Tuition at some financial institutions)

IMPORTANT: once your payment has been accepted you will be given a confirmation number by the bank for your payment. We strongly recommend that you make note of that number and that you print off the confirmation message/page.

If you have any questions or run into any problems please contact the Queen’s University Registrar at

Wire Transfer

Some international students may find it more convenient to send their deposit by bank wire transfer. Please note that this method can take time to process and you may be asked to trace your payment. We encourage you to make the payment well in advance of our deadline. Students should also be advised that, aside from the initial bank, the receiving bank may also impose a charge and additional handling charges on the wire transfer.  We recommend that you add an additional $15 to your payment to cover this cost so your deposit is received in full.

Learn how to wire funds:

Scholarships /Funding Agencies /Government Aid

The $525.00 Residence deposit must be paid by all students before the deadline even if they are receiving an award that will cover the cost of residence. Please see the Registrar’s website for more details.

Refunds for First Year and Upper Year Students

  • $325.00 of your $525.00 deposit is refundable if you cancel in writing to Residence Admissions at by July 7, 2017. No refunds are available for cancellations after that date.
  • Please note that if you cancel your academic offer at Queen’s, you must also cancel your Residence application by contacting Residence Admissions by email

Refunds for Exchange Students

  • The $525 deposit is non-refundable.  The deposit will be applied to your residence fees.  If there are no available rooms after you have submitted your deposit, the full $525 will be refunded to you.