Roommate Requests

There is a process on the residence application to request a specific roommate(s) to live in double/loft double/triple or quad rooms.  Students wanting to room together will need to choose a group leader.  The group leader will need to click the “create group” button on the application and invite the others to join the group.  The student(s) invited will then be responsible for accepting or declining the invitation.  Students must accept or decline by the June 10th application deadline.  The group leader will be able to check the status of who has accepted or declined.

Please keep in mind the following when requesting a roommate(s)

  • All students (leader and invitees) must indicate your first preference as double/loft double/triple/quad depending on how many are invited into the group.
  • All students in the group must be the same gender
  • You cannot choose roommates in single plus rooms – these are not shared rooms.
  • The leader must know all of the potential roommates full name(s) in Solus and 8 digit student ID number(s)
  • Any changes to the group and all acceptances must be completed by June 10th.

Please note if room type is not selected correctly by all students in the group, the match will not happen.

Roommate matches are not guaranteed.