Deposit & Refund Information

Once you fill out your online application for residence, a $525 deposit is required to confirm your space (for first year and exchange students).  Upper year deposits are $800. The amount of this deposit will be credited towards your 2018-2019 Residence Fees. The charge will appear on your SOLUS student account when you apply for Residence and will be removed if you do not make your deposit within 7 days of your application.  You will receive an email confirmation once both the deposit amount and application have been received.

NOTE: If within 7 days of filling in your application and making your payment, you have not received a confirmation email, it is your responsibility to confirm your payment by contacting the Residence Admissions Office by phone 613-533-2550.

Methods of Payment

The following methods of payment are available to make your deposit:

  1. Online/Internet Banking
  2. Telephone Banking
  3. Wire Transfer

1. Online Banking:

  • Go to the bill payment section and search for Queen’s University as a new payee (this may also be called Queen’s University tuition)
  • Select Queen’s University and enter your Queen’s 8-digit Student Number ID as the account number
  • Enter the amount of the deposit as $525.00 CDN and confirm you wish to make the payment
  • IMPORTANT: Please record or print off the bank’s confirmation number for your records. If you have any questions, please contact the Queen’s University Registrar by e-mail at

2. Telephone Banking: Most Canadian banks offer telephone banking to transfer funds – simply contact your bank and follow their telephone prompts.

NOTE: If your bank account is not set up for internet banking/telephone banking, your deposit can be paid from someone else’s account (i.e. a parent/guardian).  We honour the date that payment is submitted online. Please note that it may take several business days for funds to reach our office.  For more information, contact your bank branch.

3. Wire Transfer: International students may send their deposit by bank wire transfer. Please note that this method can take time to process, and you may be asked to trace your payment.  We encourage you to make the payment well in advance of the deadline. You must ensure that your name and Queen’s student number are included within your wire transfer.  Many banks have administration charges for wire transfers.  Be sure to add the administration charge to your payment amount.

Learn how to wire funds:


  • $325 of your $525 deposit is refundable if you cancel in writing to the Residence Admissions Office before July 5, 2019. ( For first year students only).
  • Exchange deposits are refundable only if you do not secure a space in Residence.
  • Upper year deposits are non refundable.