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Winter Term 2020 Exchange Application now available!

Upper Year application will be available on December 4th

If you are a full-time first-year student, you are guaranteed a place in residence – but only if we receive your application and deposit by the deadline! Application and deposit $525.00 (CDN) deadline: 4:00 p.m. EDT., June 10, 2019

A helpful guide to the application process

Know your deadlines

Please check your deadlines to ensure that your application and deposit get to us on time. Remember, if you are a first-year student, you are guaranteed a place in residence – but only if we receive your application and deposit by the deadline.

First-year deadline: June 8, 2020, by 4:00 pm (application not available yet)

Upper-year deadline:  Application will be available on December 4th, 2019 and will remain open until January 17th, 2020.

Exchange Student deadline: July 1, 2020 (application not available yet)

School of English deadline: Where to stay

Please note: we do not currently offer residence accommodations for graduate students. For information about off-campus housing, please visit Community Housing

Understanding your residence fees

Fee Schedules & Making Payments

First Year Fee Schedule 2019-20

Upper Year Fee Schedule 2019-20

Exchange Fee Schedule 2019-20

How to pay your deposit:

You can pay your deposit online, by telephone banking or by wire transfer. We do not accept cheques or credit cards
late applicants will be placed on a waiting list for residence

When are residence fees due?

Residence fees for 2019/20 will be split in two with the first half due by September 30, 2019 and the second half due by January 31, 2020.

Learn how to make payments

Verification of Enrolment Form

Refund Policy for first-year incoming undergraduate students

  • $325.00 of your $525.00 deposit is refundable if you cancel in writing to Residence Admissions at by July 5, 2019.
  • No refunds are available for cancellations after July 5, 2019.
  • Please note that if you cancel your academic offer at Queen’s, you must also cancel your Residence application by contacting Residence Admissions by email:

Doing your taxes?

Please note that the University does not issue tax receipts for residence fees.   Residence fees (except for $25, no receipt required) cannot be claimed on income tax returns.  For more information, visit the Ontario Ministry of Finance.

How we assign rooms

Rooms are assigned based on a series of lotteries that are run after applications are received. These lotteries separately assign different groups including identified Scholarship recipients, Indigenous students, and Athletic guarantees, health and other accommodations, Living Learning Communities, specific room types and shared room requests with preferred roommates. The lotteries randomly assign students based on their individual preferences and priority groups.

The chance of being assigned a room based on your individualized preferences depends on a number of variables, including the number of students with similar preferences in your lottery, and the availability of particular preferences in any given year. Please note that the lotteries may include rooms on both Main and West campus. Although residence is guaranteed for first year students who meet the application and deposit deadlines, Queen’s Residences reserves the right to provide temporary or interim room assignments that may change up to or post-move in.

Room assignment notification

Now that the residence application deadline has passed, the Admissions team is busy working on the numerous separate lotteries for room assignments.  These lotteries each have a number of unique factors that contribute to the order that the lotteries are run.  Our goal is to place as many students as possible in their preferred room choices and to endeavour to provide assignments as early as possible to as many students as possible.  All students who meet the deadline are assigned a random computerized lottery number.  The lower your lottery number, the more likely you are to receive your top room type preferences.

Specific room assignment notifications will be released in 3 waves, starting in late July and continuing through to mid-August.  Assignments will be sent to students’ Queen’s email address.  It is important students ensure emails from Queen’s are not blocked by their internet provider.

Room assignment notifications are planned as follows:

Week of July 22

  • Loft doubles
  • Triples/Quads (as the student’s first room type preference)
  • Specialized floors (study floor and alcohol & cannabis not preferred floor)
  • Exchange students
  • Upper year students

Week of August 9

  • Commitments (ie. scholarship, athletic and self-identified Indigenous students)
  • Doubles with preferred roommates
  • Single-gender requests (all female and all male)

Week of August 19

  • Living Learning Communities
  • Art/Science students who have requested Jean Royce Hall single room guarantee based on course location at West campus)
  • Health + non-health Accommodations/Considerations
  • Single and single plus
  • Doubles without a preferred roommate

Please note, the University reserves the right to assign students to different rooms or temporary spaces as stated in 6.5 of the 2019-2020 Residence Contract

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why has someone I know received a room allocation and I haven’t?

A:  Residences is working on lotteries throughout the summer and releasing assignments in 3 waves as lotteries are completed.  Please refer to the room assignment notification release dates on our website to see the week that you can anticipate your assignment notification.  If you do not fall into one of the groups listed, you can expect your assignment notification the week of August 19th.

Q:  I’ve received my room allocation and I’d like more information about my room (i.e. what size is the bed, is there a fridge? Wi-Fi? What amenities are in the building I’ve been assigned to?)

A:  Once you receive your room assignment please visit the residence website.  Go to the “our buildings” tab on the home page then building descriptions and click on your specific building.  There will be information there about the specific amenities associated with your building/room. Virtual tours of typical rooms within that building will also be available.  With over 4600 bed spaces with numerous configurations, specific information may be unavailable (window coverings, adjustable bed height, wardrobe vs. closet etc.).

Q:  I’ve received my room allocation and I’d like to request a room change. How do I do that?

A:  We are unable to process room changes while lotteries are still running.  When the last lottery is complete, we anticipate that Residences will be full to capacity with no vacancy to process room changes.  On the Monday of the first full week of class, students will be able to request a room change by logging into the Student Housing Gateway and accessing a room change request form.  This form will not be available until Monday September 9th.  The form is submitted electronically from the Student Housing Gateway.

Q: Why haven’t I been matched with my preferred roommate(s)?

A:  Our system is set up so that the leader of each roommate group can add or delete roommates from a group up until the June 10th deadline.  Students are able to log on to their residence application up until June 10th to see who joined and who declined the invitation.  If you have not been matched with your preferred roommate(s), please check with your group leader.

Q:  I have already received my room assignment, however,I need an accommodation. Can I submit a late accommodation form?

A:  The deadline for accommodation requests was June 10th.  While health accommodation forms after the application deadline will be considered, we are typically full to capacity so have limited rooms to meet health accommodations after the room lotteries have begun. If we are unable to help before move in, we will do our best to meet approved accommodations after move-in as vacancies arise.

Gender identity and room assignments

The Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) provides students with the option of not identifying their gender on their university application. At Queen’s, we respect a person’s right to choose whether to disclose their gender identity and have this information used in the room assignment process.

If a student chooses not to disclose their gender identity on OUAC, they will be contacted by the Residence Admissions office to see if they would like their gender considered in regards to their room assignment. If they decide not to, they will be placed in a lottery with other students who have chosen not to disclose their gender.  Within this lottery, a student may be assigned to a shared bedroom (double, triple or quad) or a single plus room, sharing a semi-private washroom with students of any gender.

Residence community standards

Make sure you read our policies to understand your responsibilities while living in residence at Queen’s:

once keys have been received, residents are financially responsible for their full term residence fees (or 4-month term fees for fall only or winter only exchange students).

Residence Community Standards Guide

Our Living/Learning communities

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are floors or clusters of rooms where students with similar interests and values live together and engage in creative, social, and educational programming related to the topic of their specific community. Read about our communities.

  • LLCs provide students with the opportunity to:
  • Meet like-minded friends
  • Connect with a variety of Queen’s Faculty outside of the classroom
  • Share goals, projects, and challenges
  • Benefit from peer and professionally-led events created with students’ interests and development in mind

Core LLC Experiences

In each of our LLCs, there are four core experiences:

  • Learning Lunches: Shared lunches with faculty or staff members
  • Bi-Weekly Community Meetings: Led by LLC Don where current programs and events are discussed
  • Leadership Skill-Building Workshops: All members of the LLCs come together to improve leadership skills and network
  • LLC Legacy Project: A year-long project that each LLC will pass on to the incoming LLC students

Click here to see the Living-Learning Communities Viewbook

Non- LLC Communities

We also have 2 floors that are not specific LLC’s but are communities that can be requested by students.  You must choose either of these communities as your first choice on your application  to be considered for them.  There is no specific programming for these floors but rather students share a desire  to live in these environments.  These 2 communities are the Study floor and Alcohol & Cannabis not preferred community.

Study Floor

Open to: all residence students from any faculty who agree to 22 hours of quiet on the floor. Our study floor, featuring 22 hours of quiet each day, is ideal for students looking for a quiet living atmosphere within residence. Residents and their guests both agree to abide by the principles of this floor by maintaining low noise levels.

Alcohol & Cannabis not preferred community

Open to: all residence students from any faculty for students who are willing to make an affirmative commitment to maintain a living environment free from alcohol, cannabis and other drugs.  Led by their Don, students in this community will be asked to take an active role in creating a community agreement that outlines community expectations, norms and desires.  You may be interested in this community if you:

  • have made a conscious choice not to engage in substance use (alcohol, cannabis or other drugs)
  • make this choice based on personal or family history with substance abuse, or addiction, personal or faith-based convictions or for any other reason.

In this community, students will find less peer pressure to use substances and more support in choosing not to consume.

Roommate matching

There is a process on the residence application to request a specific roommate(s) to live in double/loft double/triple or quad rooms.  Students wanting to room together will need to choose a group leader.  The group leader will need to click the “create group” button on the application and invite the others to join the group.  The student(s) invited will then be responsible for accepting or declining the invitation.  Students must accept or decline by the June 10th application deadline.  The group leader will be able to check the status of who has accepted or declined.

Please keep in mind the following when requesting a roommate(s)

  • All students (leader and invitees) must indicate your first preference as double/loft double/triple/quad depending on how many are invited into the group.
  • You cannot choose roommates in single plus rooms – these are not shared rooms.
  • The leader must know all of the potential roommates full name(s) in Solus and 8 digit student ID number(s)
  • Any changes to the group and all acceptances must be completed by June 10th.
  • Please note if room type is not selected correctly by all students in the group, the match will not happen.

Roommate matches are not guaranteed

Residence Accommodations

If you require specific accommodations – either health or non-health related as part of your residence application, you must submit your request using the forms listed below. The deadline for applying for accommodations is June 10, 2019. While we will consider late submissions, we may be limited in what accommodations we can provide after the deadline.

Residences Health Accommodation form should be filled out if your request for accommodation is based on a disability or health condition. Please note that your doctor will be required to fill out part of this form.

The Non- Medical Accommodation request form should be filled out if your accommodation request is based on a need for a long bed (must be 6’4”/195 cms or taller), cultural/ religious needs, or requirements related to gender identity/expression or sexual orientation.

Please read the instructions on the form carefully before submitting.

  • These forms do not replace the Residence application. You must still apply and make your residence deposit by the deadline in order for your application and accommodation request to be considered.
  • Only the 2019/2020 Health Accommodation form will be accepted for disability or health related requests.
  • These forms are intended for Residence placement only. Should you require academic accommodation, please contact the Queen’s Student Accessibility office (QSAS) for assistance.
  • Queen’s Residences is a high-density living environment. It may be difficult to control that environment in regards to a health condition. We strongly encourage students who may have environmental health concerns to consider if accommodation in residence is safe and conducive to their lifestyle and health condition.
  • Room changes based on health needs after the application deadline will be considered however, we are typically full to capacity so have limited rooms to meet health accommodations after the room lotteries have begun and room assignments are finalized.
  • We are committed to accommodating the requirements of students with disabilities; however, accommodations are based on need and not room type or building preference.
  • Please contact the Residence Admissions office if you have a parent, guardian, or sibling with a disability such as mobility, vision or hearing impairment that may require accommodation when visiting your residence building.
  • We accommodate service animals – please read our Queen’s Residence Service Animal Guidelines

Non-Medical Accommodation Form for Residences

This form is used for the following accommodation requests:

  1. Long bed – long beds are limited and reserved for students who are 6’4”/195 cms and taller. Please provide a copy of your driver’s licence. (There is an area on the form to upload a copy). If you do not have a driver’s licence, a letter from your health care provider certifying your height will be accepted.
  2. Cultural/religious – You may request specific accommodations based on cultural or religious needs – Please identify the specific requirements that will support your housing needs.
  3. Gender Identity/Expression or Sexual orientation – You may request specific accommodations based on Gender Identity/Expression or Sexual Orientation. For example, you may be transitioning and have certain requirements. Please identify the specific requirements that will support your housing needs.

You can fill out the Non-Medical Accommodation request form online. You’ll receive an email confirming that your request has been received by Residence Admissions. Please note that the Manager, Residence Admissions may contact you should further information be required for your residence placement.

Watch our video on Special Considerations for more information:

Move-in Day

Move-in Day is Saturday, August 31st, 2019!

From 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We update this page regularly with important dates, move-in tips and driving directions, including updates to any city and campus construction. Please check back in late August for the most up-to-date information about move-in day 2019!