Lost Keys

Waldron Tower

Fees for replacing lost keys increased as of March 31, 2018:

  • If you’ve lost your keys but haven’t reported them, we strongly encourage that you do so now to avoid higher fees.
  • Remember that you must return all issued keys to a main desk on the day you move out (within 24 hours after your last exam) or you will be charged through your student account.
  • Students with outstanding charges cannot access grades or course enrollments.
  • Keys cannot be returned after move-out.


Quiet Hours Extended

  • In order to help you sleep and study, 22-hour quiet hours are now in effect.
  • Relaxed hours will be from 7pm – 9pm, but courtesy hours always apply.
  • If you are experiencing noise in your community, we encourage you to address it directly. If this does not work, you can contact the front desk who will notify a Don on Call.
  • Quiet hours are in effect from 9pm, overnight, all morning & all afternoon until 7pm the following day
  • Thanks for your cooperation!

Moving Out


Please note that in order to maintain a quiet study environment, you are required to vacate Residences no later than 24 hours after completing your last exam.

If there is a reason that you need to stay longer, you must request approval to do so using our Stayover Application Form, accessible through the Student Gateway (look for the Stayover Request icon).

All Residences close at noon on Friday, April 27, 2018 and you must vacate by that time.