Your Residence Agreement


There are ongoing campus and city construction, renovation and maintenance projects occurring at or adjacent to a number of residences on main campus. The work typically takes place during regular business hours, but may begin earlier or extend into evenings or weekends. Ongoing construction or renovation projects on main campus will continue through midterm and final exam periods but measures are taken to minimize disruption and we provide options to students for alternate study spaces. The University will take measures to ensure that prudent construction practices are followed at all times, but there may be noise, dust, and/or temporary interruption of some services. Please note that there will be no compensation or reduction to residence fees due to any disruption.

In all societies, regulations are necessary for the comfort and well-being of the members. All students are expected to regulate their conduct according to reasonable standards of courtesy and respect for the rights of other residents and the reputation of the University.

All residents are subject to the laws of the land and the Queen’s Code of Conduct. They are also expected to adhere to the Residences policies, rules and regulations* which are in place to ensure the privacy, safety, security and comfort of students living in residence, and for the protection of University property. Violation of these policies, rules and regulations will result in disciplinary action within Residences, which may include the termination of the residence agreement and/or sanctions by other governing bodies on campus.

*visit our website for the handbook of community standards.

1. Terms and Conditions of Occupancy

This agreement is for space in residence (not a particular room).

2. Move-in and Move-out dates / Campus Closures

This agreement shall be for a period beginning on the Move-In date in effect for the resident (determined each year and communicated to all incoming students) and ending on the Move-Out date in effect for such resident, which is within 24 hours after the resident’s last scheduled exam, unless permission has been granted by Queen’s Residence Life Office for an extension.

People on move in day

2.1 The Move-In and Move-Out dates for resident students are published by the University Registrar and in other residence publications, and these dates shall be deemed incorporated into this agreement. Please visit the Registrar’s website for details.

2.2 No early arrivals will be accommodated except for residence student staff and house council.

2.3 Failure to move in on the Move-In date may result in the loss of the assigned residence bed, unless the Residence Admissions Office has been informed, in advance, of late arrival.

2.4 During the December-January campus closure period, no food, care taking, mail delivery or other residence services are provided. Students may, however, occupy their rooms during this period, provided that they have applied for and been granted permission to do so by Queen’s Residence Life Office. Note that permission to do so is not automatic.

2.5 Failure to move out within the prescribed period as noted will result in additional charges levied against the student’s account.

3.0 Cancellation / Termination of Agreement

3.1 Prior to picking up keys or occupying a residence room, this agreement may be cancelled by the student through written notification to the Residence Admissions Office. The student may be subject to charges (as indicated in item #8).

3.2 After a resident has either taken occupancy or picked up keys, the resident cannot cancel the agreement. A resident may request cancellation of the agreement only if withdrawing from the University for academic or medical reasons. Please contact Residence Admissions for further information regarding withdrawals.

3.3 Between Move-In and Move-Out, a resident may be granted cancellation of the agreement by arranging for the room to be occupied by another full-time Queen’s student not currently living in residence. The Residence Admissions Office must approve the replacement before cancellation can occur.

3.4 Termination of the residence contract may occur if a resident violates the Residences Rules and Regulations or impacts the health, safety or well-being of occupants and/or the residence community.

4.0 Eligibility for Residence

To be eligible to live in residence, students must be enrolled at Queen’s University in an undergraduate, graduate or professional school program. Priority will be given to full-time students. Part-time students are eligible to live in residence, subject to availability. Normally, Queen’s Residences requires a student to be enrolled in at least three courses per term to be considered as part-time.

A student who drops to fewer than three courses in any term must notify the Residence Admissions Office and may be required to leave residence. A student who withdraws academically from the University will be required to leave residence. It is the right and responsibility of Queen’s Residences to verify the enrollment status of students in residence.

5.0 Re-admission to Residences / Queen’s Community Housing

Eligibility for re-admission to Queen’s Residences or to University-owned, off-campus housing is based on several factors, including responsible behaviour and positive contributions to the quality of life in residence. Residences and Housing Services reserve the right to refuse admission to any student.

6.0 Room Assignments

6.1 The University will attempt to take into account preferences from the Residence Application Form, however we cannot guarantee requests for particular accommodation.

6.2 Residence rooms are intended for use only by Queen’s students assigned by Queen’s University Residences. No dependents are permitted.

6.3 No fewer or no more than the number of people assigned by the University shall occupy the room. If during this term of occupancy, an agreement is terminated with respect to a resident in a multi-occupancy unit, the remaining students shall accept such roommate(s) as assigned by the University.

6.4 Residents may request a room change after the first day of classes, however no change in room occupancy shall be made without the prior consent of the Residence Admissions Office.

6.5 The University reserves the right to assign students to different rooms in the residence system after Move-In or to terminate this agreement if such re-assignment or termination is advisable in the interests of health, safety, well-being of occupants and/or the residence community, discipline, maximization of resources or the administration of its residence program. In the case of re-assignment, the resident will be required to pay the residence fees (and meal plan if applicable) stipulated for the new accommodation.

6.6 If you have special needs that require physical accommodation or building adaptation, Queen’s Residence will meet your needs to the best of our ability, provided that you communicate these accommodations to us well in advance of your arrival. Special needs may include disabilities such as mobility, vision or hearing impairments.
*Due to the large number of requests that we receive, special needs, medical conditions or physical challenges will be given first priority. We do not have the capacity to accommodate ailments such as common allergies, asthma, or transitional anxiety that is not diagnosed as a pre-existing condition. If you require special accommodation or have concerns that are personal and unique to your situation, then please let us know.

7.0 Check-in / Check-Out Requirements

A resident is required to check in and check out formally at the beginning and end of occupancy at the residence front desk. The “Room Assessment Form” becomes the basis for the assessment of any potential charges due to damage or loss. If no form is submitted, it will be assumed that the room was in acceptable condition and fully equipped with furniture and furnishings.
Before moving out, a resident is required to remove all refuse and discarded materials, leaving the room clean. All charges for additional cleaning required, for removal of personal property and for any loss or damage caused by the resident(s) will be billed to resident(s). Belongings left behind upon Move-Out will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of by the University with no liability.

8.0 Fees and Charges

8.1 Residence fees include room and/or meal plans where applicable and are payable by specific dates as published by the University Registrar.

8.2 Residence fees are based on the type of room as designated by the University and not on specific amenities, such as square footage, accessibility to floor kitchens/common rooms, furniture, etc.

8.3 Residence fees may be refunded in limited circumstances as set out in item 3.2. The amount of any refund will be determined by the date that the resident moves out of residence. The Residence Admissions Office requires written notice of any move-outs before considering refunds.

8.4 Non-payment of residence fees may be grounds for cancellation of the residence contract with the resident.

8.5 Residence Applications will not be processed without the required deposit. Refer to the How to Apply section on our website with regard to due dates, deposits, refunds and other important information.

8.6 All fees and charges unpaid after the due date will automatically be subject to monthly service charges established by the University.

9.0 Room Inspection and Repairs

Residence staff have the right to enter a resident’s room for the purpose of cleaning, maintenance, inspection of facilities, health, safety, security or in the event of an emergency or other University processes. Except in emergency situations, notice of such entry will be given in advance where possible. Submission of a “Maintenance Request Order” constitutes permission to enter a resident’s room and to effect the repair without further notice. Students must not impede staff in the performance of their duties.

10. Lost or Stolen Items

The University shall not be liable for lost, stolen or damaged items of personal property, no matter how caused, wherever this may occur, including storage facilities. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange for insurance coverage for personal property brought into residence.

11. Residence Damage

The University shall not be responsible for any injury, damage or loss suffered by the resident, and/or his or her guests while in or about the residences which is caused by the negligence of the resident or his/her guests or results from violation of the policies, rules and regulations of the University and the Residences. Students are jointly liable for all damage that is caused to their room(s). All students on a floor are jointly liable for all damage done on their floor. All students in a residence building are jointly liable for all damage done to the structure of their building and/or any furniture/furnishings/fixtures therein.

12. Meal Plans

Residence Meal Plans are included within fees and are mandatory for all first year incoming undergraduates and upper year students. Meal plans are not mandatory for exchange students and they may elect to purchase an optional meal plan. A valid student identification card must be presented for all meals. This card is non-transferable.

13. ResNet / Internet Agreement

Residents using the ResNet service provided or accessing the University’s internet services, the resident agrees to abide by the ResNet Acceptable Use Policy and the University’s Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy.

14. Parking

Parking of motorized vehicles on the University campus is strictly regulated. Paid parking for resident students is available at West Campus.

Queen’s University’s Residences collects certain personal information from students and is committed to protecting that information. Personal information is collected under the authority of the Royal Charter of 1841, as amended and will be used by the University for the following purposes:

  • to assess a student’s eligibility for residence accommodation or off-campus housing properties and/or related services
  • to process residence application forms and the allocation of bed space
  • to identify preferences and special considerations of students for the allocation of rooms to assess the efficiency of our operations and the provision of services to communicate with students, parents and others regarding our services, or in the event of an emergency
  • to address disciplinary, behavioural or health issues that arise
  • to bill, collect and account for provision of services
  • to preserve and protect the safety and security of residents and the community
  • to build and maintain relations with the University while enrolled as a student and beyond

Some personal information may be shared with other departments on campus (such as Student Affairs, Campus Security or Health, Counseling and Disability Services) or outside contractors (such as Food Services supplier) for the purposes of identifying, contacting, serving or helping students.

In the collection, use, disclosure and retention of personal information, Queen’s Housing and Hospitality Services complies with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the University Registrar’s Student and Applicant Record Policy. Questions or comments regarding our Privacy Policy and practice should be directed, first of all to:

Manager, Residence Admissions
Victoria Hall, Queen’s University
Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N8

Personal information in the possession of Queen’s University Residences about the resident will not be released to persons outside the University administration, including family members or friends, without the written consent of the applicant, unless permitted or required by law. However, if the resident is injured or ill, or in the opinion of the University represents a threat to him or herself or to others, the University may contact third parties (including but not limited to, government and health officials, next of kin, or an indicated emergency contact person) to disclose personal information to them.

Special Needs: Please note that Queen’s Residences does not share information about residents with special needs with others on campus, except in circumstances related to safety and security (i.e., mobility issues in the case of a residence evacuation).

16. External Circumstances

To the extent that the University is unable to fulfill, or is delayed or restricted in fulfilling its obligations under this agreement by any cause beyond its control, the University shall be relieved from the fulfillment of its obligations during that period. Without restricting the generality of the foregoing, the University shall not be responsible for failing to meet its obligations under this agreement due to a strike by its employees and/or any other form of job action or labour unrest or an occurrence that renders fulfillment of the agreement impossible.

17. Contract Changes

The University reserves the right to amend this agreement and may, from time to time, issue regulations concerning Residences. Please note that specific vendors, sites, menus, policies, hours of operation, etc. (as listed in various residence publications), may be subject to change.