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ResRules Categories – Alcohol and Controlled/Illegal Substances

Alcohol-related ResRules are in place to ensure that residents behave in safe and respectful ways, and abide by all applicable laws. Mass consumption of alcohol, as well as the possession of massive quantities of alcohol are prohibited because of the correlation between the amount and rate of consumption and the potential for harming one’s self and/or others. Alcohol is prohibited in public spaces to prevent an atmosphere of social pressure to drink. Beer bottles are prohibited because beer bottle glass tends to shatter into many small pieces, creating a serious safety hazard.

Drinking games are a dangerous to residents as they promote rapid consumption of alcohol and create a social atmosphere where one can feel pressured to drink even if one has reached one’s limit or does not want to drink. Participation in drinking games includes, but is not limited to, the set up, take down, practicing with water (because this is hard to distinguish from drinking games for staff and promotes the culture of rapid consumption), and drinking game paraphernalia (such as trophy walls, wizard staffs, beer pong tables etc.).

The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19. If you would like more information on Ontario’s liquor laws, visit this link.

Similarly, there is also an increased risk of causing harm to one’s self and/or others while under the influence of narcotics or controlled substances. Prescription drugs and narcotics should only be used as prescribed by a physician and it is illegal to engage in the trafficking of these substances.

The ResRules related to alcohol and controlled/illegal substances are:

1.2a Open Alcohol in Residence
Possession or consumption of open alcohol in any space other than a private residence room. This includes public areas within or around Residences, such as hallways, common rooms, stairwells, elevators, washrooms, and dining halls. Any possession of alcohol in or around Residences during Orientation Week.

1.2b Underage Alcohol Use
Possession or consumption of alcohol in or around Residences while under 19 years of age.

1.2c Glass Bottles
Possession of glass beer bottles, in, or around, residences.

2.6 Illegal Substances
Possessing or using any unprescribed narcotics or controlled substances (misuse of prescription medication) in or around Residences. Possession of any drug paraphernalia.

2.7 Unsanctioned Gathering
It is prohibited to advertise, announce, organize, run, and/or host a gathering involving the
consumption of alcohol, narcotics, or controlled substances.

2.8a Alcohol Quantity
Possessing large quantities of alcohol exceeding the volume of 24 beer cans or 12 tall cans or 26 ounces of liquor, or 1 litre of wine. Possession of any containers of alcohol exceeding one litre (e.g. kegs or mini-kegs.)

2.8b Participating in Drinking Games
Participation in drinking games or any activities that promote excessive or rapid consumption of alcohol. This includes playing drinking games with any substance.

2.8c Promotion of Unsafe Alcohol Consumption
Any possession of items or displays that are perceived to promote unsafe alcohol consumption (e.g. funnels, trophy walls, drinking game tables, wizard staffs, etc.) Any possession or displays of empty alcohol containers exceeding the volume or quantities listed in 2.8a. Any actions that promote a drinking culture in residences.

2.8d Alcohol Purchase or Provision for Underage Residents
Purchasing or providing alcohol for underage residents or their guests.

3.6 Trafficking Illegal Substances
Trafficking of any narcotics or controlled substances (misuse of prescription medication) in or around residences.