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Working For Residences

Looking for a part-time position in Residences? We have a number of opportunities, both during the school year and the summer months:

Hospitality Staff – Hospitality Services is seeking students interested in acting as an Ombudsperson, a liaison between the department and student meal plan holders. View the job overview here: Ombudsperson Job Description. NOTE: no positions are currently available.

Facilities Staff – The Facilities Control Centre hires housekeeping staff to work in residences during the summer months. Applications are available at the Facilities Control Centre (lower level, Victoria Hall). Complete the online job application here.

Residence Technology – Working under the supervision and direction of Residence Technology, the Desktop Support and Network Technician will be part of a team responsible for testing all ResTel and ResNet connections and providing desktop support services to the Queen’s Housing and Hospitality Services department.

Front Desk Staff – We offer a range of shifts during the school year and the summer months for students who wish to work at one of our five front desks.

Student Staff – Residence Dons and Facilitators are an important part of our Residence Life team. Click here for Application and Reference Forms. NOTE: no positions are currently available.

Residence Conduct Board – If you are dynamic, enthusiastic, hard working and want to make a difference to the residence community, consider a position on the Residence Conduct Board. Students  on the board deliberate on matters concerning Residence Rules and Regulations, and make decisions on violations. The positions offer a range of personal and professional development opportunities, as well as a great way to add to your resume. For more information, contact

  • Chair  – Responsible for mediating and ensuring that standard procedures are followed during the Residence Conduct Board hearings.  Remuneration for this position is provided.
  • Members-at-Large – Paid members of the Residence Conduct Board who help to uphold Residence Rules and Regulations at informal hearings.

Event Services Staff – Queen’s Event Services hires students throughout the year to provide support for on-campus events and accommodations. If you’re interested in applying, submit your resume to the Event Services office across from the Front Desk in Victoria Hall.