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Posted on May 23, 2015 in News Archive, Res News

Jean Royce Hall

Jean Royce Hall

Built in 1974 Jean Royce Hall is a collection of student residences on West Campus. It is a unique residence since it houses both undergraduate and graduate residents.

The residence is named after Jean Isobel Royce, former Registrar for Queen’s university. She was known for her sympathy and understanding – she personally counselled 30,000 students. She was also the longest-serving Registrar at Queen’s and she was one of the founders of the Ban Righ Foundation.

Jean Royce Hall is composed of 12 individual houses (named after former faculty and Trustees).  It is a mixed-gender residence that houses over 700 students and is a 20 minute walk from main campus – the bus is also available.  Jean Royce also has its own dining hall.