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First Year Undergraduate

NOTE* Residence application for 2014 is now available.  Please read this page carefully and click “apply  now” at the bottom on the page


  • Residence Application and Deposit Due: June 9, 2014 
  • Please note that telephone/online banking payments can take up to 5 business days to arrive at the University.
  • Residence Move In Day: Sunday August 31, 2014
  • Residence Fee Balance Due: September 30, 2014

Our Guarantee
Full-time first year students are guaranteed residence if the deadline for application and deposit are met. If either is submitted late, students may not be guaranteed residence.

Your Deposit

  • Your application IS NOT COMPLETE until we receive your $525.00 CDN deposit.
  • Once your residence application is submitted, a $525.00 charge is applied to your Student Financial Account within 48 business hours.
  • The $525.00 CDN deposit is due by June 9, 2014 (or on the due date specified in your letter of acceptance at Queen’s). We highly recommend submitting your deposit as soon as the charge is applied to your Student Financial Account to avoid being late and losing your guarantee of residence.
  • Applications will not be processed without a deposit  (it can take 5 business days for an online/tele-banking payment to reach Queen’s). Please ensure that your deposit will reach us by the due date, otherwise we cannot guarantee a residence room.
  • The university DOES NOT accept cheques or credit cards.
  • The university DOES accept online/telephone banking deposits and wire transfers.


NOTE: E-mail money transfers or credit card payment are NOT accepted

Internet or Telephone Banking
It can take up to 2-3 business days for your payment to reach Queen’s University –  make your payment well in advance to avoid missing the deadline and losing your guarantee of residence.

You can use internet or telephone banking at most major banks and trust companies. If your own bank account is not set up for internet banking/telephone banking, your deposit can be paid from someone else’s account (perhaps a parent or guardian). We honour the date that payment is submitted online; please note that it may take several days to reach our office. For more information, contact your bank branch.

Bank of Montreal –
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce –
PC Financial –
Royal Bank –
Scotia Bank –
TD Canada Trust –

  • Go to the bill payment section and add Queen’s University as a new payee (this may also be called Queen’s University tuition) — this should return a list of all the payee selections for the University.
  • Select Queen’s University and type in your Queen’s 8-digit Student ID as the account number.
  • Enter the amount of the deposit as $525.00 CDN and confirm you wish to make the payment.
  • Please use Queen’s University as your payee (also listed as Queen’s University- Tuition at some financial institutions).

IMPORTANT: once your payment has been accepted you will be given a confirmation number by the bank for your payment.  We strongly recommend that you make note of that number and that you print off the confirmation message/page.

If you have any questions or run into any problems please contact the Queen’s University Registrar at

Wire Transfer
Some international students may find it more convenient to send their deposit by bank wire transfer. Please note that this method can take time to process and you may be asked to trace your payment. We encourage you to make the payment well in advance of our deadline. Students should also be advised that, aside from the initial bank, the receiving bank may also impose a charge and additional handling charges on the wire transfer.

To wire funds:
Payable To: Queen’s University
Bank: Bank of Montreal

Address and Phone Number:
297 King Street East
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 3B3
(613) 545-3005
Bank Number: 001
Transit Number: 00162
Account Number: 1046-122
Swift Code: BOFMCAM2
Routing Number: ABA026005092

** Ensure that your name and Queen’s Student ID are included with your wire transfer


  • $325.00 of your $525.00 deposit is refundable if you cancel in writing to Residence Admissions at by July 4, 2014. No refunds are available for cancellations after that date (note: refunds are only applicable for undergraduate applications).
  • Please note that if you cancel your academic offer at Queen’s, you must also cancel your Residence application by contacting Residence Admissions by email.

Scholarship and Major Entrance Award winners
The following award winners will be assigned to a single room in Residence (unless your first room preference is otherwise). (Please note that your application and deposit must still arrive by the deadline of June 9, 2014 to guarantee a residence space, and a residence deposit of $525.00 CDN must be made regardless of scholarship funding).

  • Bank of Montreal Award
  • Chancellor’s Scholarship
  • Chernoff Family Award
  • D. & R. Sobey Atlantic Scholarship
  • Dr. Iris May Marsh Memorial Award
  • Loran National Award
  • Melvin R. Goodes Entrance Award

All other award recipients are included in the lottery room assignment process.

Students who receive an athletic award or are identified as a top recruit by the university are guaranteed a room assignment that, after discussion with Athletics, is most appropriate to their sport. (Please note that your application must still arrive by the deadline of June 9, 2014 and a residence deposit of $525.00 CDN must be made to guarantee a residence space).

Our rooms

  • Queen’s residences are located on two campuses, Main Campus and West Campus. First year students are placed in residences in both locations by a lottery process in either a single, double, triple or quad room. See Your Room Assignment for more details.
  • First-year residence accommodations on both West and Main campus include a mandatory meal plan as part of the agreement.
  • Residence Theme Floors are also available — please remember to also select a room type when choosing a theme.

Application form room definitions
You will be asked to rank your room type preference on the application (you do not choose a specific building). Please note that preferences are not guaranteed.

  • SINGLE PLUS – two single rooms that are adjoined by a bathroom (Leggett/Watts Halls) with a meal plan (you can not request a roommate for this room type).
  • SINGLE ROOMsingle room in a mixed gender building (note: floors are also mixed gender) with a meal plan.
  • SINGLE ROOM GENDER SPECIFICsingle room in a single gender floor or building with a meal plan.
  • DOUBLE ROOMdouble room in a mixed gender building/floor with a meal plan.
  • DOUBLE ROOM GENDER SPECIFIC –  double room in a single gender building/floor with a meal plan.
  • TRIPLE ROOM –  triple room in a mixed gender building with a meal plan.
  • QUAD ROOM –  quad room in a mixed gender building with a meal plan.

Special needs and disabilities

  • Special Consideration Form (this form must be completed and submitted with your application as per instructions on the form).  Please read the preface on the form carefully before submitting.
  • Information regarding a disability and any required room adaptations must be submitted on the form provided. We are only able to make arrangements for students who submit the Special Consideration form with the application form by the deadline.
  • The special consideration form and any accompanying doctor’s notes must be mailed, e-mailed or faxed to our office by the application deadline.
  • Please indicate any disability, medical condition, height, dietary need, and/or requirements related to lifestyle, culture, gender or religious needs on the Special Consideration Form.  Any pre-existing condition must be noted on the form in order to be considered and will not be considered after rooms have been assigned.  It is best to include relevant information for consideration, even in situations where students do not believe it will affect their room assignment.
  • If you wish us to take into account a medical condition which would not be described as a disability, please fill in sections C and D only on the Special Consideration form.  Unclear or vague documentation will not be accepted.
  • Medical information provided on the special consideration form is considered confidential and will only be viewed by the Manager of Residence Admissions to make an informed decision on room placement.
  • Room changes based on medical needs after the application deadline will only be considered if they are under extreme circumstances and may not be able to be accommodated.  Please note that this process is not intended to provide an option for students to achieve a more favourable building assignment.
  • Please note that Queen’s Residence is a high density living environment.  It may be difficult to control that environment in regards to a medical condition.  We strongly encourage students who may have environmental health concerns to consider if accommodation in residence is safe and conducive to their lifestyle and medical condition.
  • We are committed to accommodating the requirements of students with disabilities to the best of our ability; however please note that you may not be placed in the residence of your preference.
  • Please contact the Residence Admissions office if you have a parent, guardian, or sibling with a disability such as mobility, vision or hearing impairment that would require accommodation when visiting your residence building.
  • To read our policy on service animals in residence: Queen’s Residence Service Animal Policy

Application instructions:

  • You require your Queen’s 8-digit Student ID to apply.
  • Room preferences are only a guide in the process and not a guarantee — please make sure to familiarize yourself with the room types and rank your top 5 preferences.
  • You are not able to choose a room type more than once on your application.  You must list 5 different choices in order of preference.
  • Your chance of securing a room type or residence community depends on the demand for that room type or residence community and your lottery number. All rooms are assigned using a random computer lottery process.
  • Please note that we do not accept credit card payments.
  • Preferred Room Mate(s) – If you are interested in a double/triple/quad room and have a preferred room mate(s), you must indicate your first preference as double/triple/quad. Students must choose each other by entering the 8-digit Queen’s Student ID(s) as indicated on the application as well as the room-mates first and last name(s). Please make sure that this number is correct before submitting your application. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the Student ID is correct. If double/triple/quad room is not selected as the first preference or your room mate(s) has not selected you, the match is not possible. Students who request each other, following the above criteria will be matched manually. While every effort will be made, room mate choices can not be guaranteed.
  • Read the summary page that appears after you have completed your application to ensure that your application is correct.  You can also print this summary page (which includes a ticket number) for your records.
  • Once your application and deposit are received, you will receive an e-mail confirmation to the e-mail account provided.  Please contact us if you do not receive confirmation of your completed application and deposit by the deadlines.

Our agreement with you
Read the residence agreement carefully. By applying to residence you agree to enter a legal agreement for the next eight months and should be familiar with your obligations and our policies.

QUESTIONS? Please contact us:

Telephone: (613) 533-2550
Write us: Residence Admissions Office
Victoria Hall, 75 Bader Lane
Queen’s University, Kingston, ON K7L 3N8


When you are ready to begin your application, click the link at the bottom of the page to agree that you have read this information before proceeding to the application.